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5 Meeting pods for uses other than work

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When we think of conference pods, we think of doing traditional office work: writing, emailing, and conducting virtual or face-to-face meetings without distractions. But phonebooths are versatile, and there are many ways to think outside the booth (forgive me) while working inside. Here are five ideas.

1. Meeting pods for team building exercises or lesson plans

Flexspace phone booths are great for doing breakout sessions or team building activities to boost morale. The beauty of our simple design is that you can decorate the booth in any way you like - add whiteboards, carpets or posters to the walls.

In schools, there is often a need for separate private space - a teacher's assistant taking a student aside for extra help with a subject, someone absent who needs to sit an exam they missed - and they are often condemned to a corner of the room or the hall outside. A conference pod is a perfect alternative.

2. Voiceover work

Flexspace already has a healthy list of clients. Many actors often run to their closets for voiceover auditions, as having a small, echo-free space will improve the quality of any recording.

However, a custom-made pod with padding and a great microphone in the office can really give you top-notch sound, not only for auditions but for booked work, as most work is now remote. An investment in a Flexspace is a sure way to book the audiobook gig you've always wanted.

FlexSpace pod (11)

3. Music practice rooms

Quick anecdote. Growing up, I played trumpet in the school band and orchestra. I started in fifth grade and it took me a few years to become the first chair in the trumpet section. Also, I lived in an apartment building. The advantage of this was that I could bring my trumpet to the window and sing a little tune - and all the neighbourhood kids would know to come outside and play.

The downside was that I pissed off a whole bunch of adults. And I can't blame them. It's maddening when you're working hard and the neighbours play their instruments badly (especially brass instruments).

At school, we had soundproof practice rooms to enter. But at home ...... Unless your parents are musicians, or you have a basement (and in California, no one does), then what are you supposed to do? A Flexspace phone booth is a perfect solution for musicians and those around them - and as good an investment as private lessons.

4. Yoga/meditation

I know you can unfold your yoga mat anywhere, but for me, the distractions around my room can make my practice unfocused or unorganised. I see something I forgot to process earlier and the instant gratification part of my brain wants to tackle it now.

Go into a phone booth and take half an hour to really relax. Stretch, exercise, or spend 20 minutes clearing your mind and seeing what lies beneath the stillness.

5. Make the office phone booth your creative space

The office phone booth can be a space to play. As an artist or creative, you must make time for this in the same way you do your day job.

Art is not about thinking about things. It's about the opposite - writing things down.

Instead of using a booth to work in, turn your Zen room into a sacred creative space. Write, draw, colour, record and hold creative sessions only in it.

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