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Open plan offices look great – there’s no doubt about that – but the issue is there’s no privacy, which can be a fundamental issue for productivity and overall performance. The lack of physical walls or barriers in an office can make a higher percentage of employees experience feelings of anxiety.
Pod is a great solution for open plan offices
At the begining, FlexSpace team tried to build a small private room with prefab partition system, on which we’ve more than ten years experience. However, the feedbacks showed that the cost were not cheap to call builders and construct new partition walls and ceiling. The team didn’t stop at this. We simplified the structure, reduced the weight, integrated necessary electrical components and designed ventilation system--Flexspace pod came out. 
Flexspace pod derived from prefab partition system
After years of developments, analyzing hundreds of customers’ feedbacks and test and improvements, Flexspace pod and phone booth turns out to be super comfortable, soundproof, eco-friendly, functional and easy assembly.

Flexspace office phone booth, or office pod are versatile in their size and portability, they can dampen sound around, they are affordable and an attractive solution to any office. Whatever your interior style, pods can be tailored to ensure they’re suitable to your surroundings. Pods can be all shapes and sizes, they can look modern and bright or professional and sophisticated

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