Product Add-Ons
Product Add-Ons
FlexSpace’s Customization Service provides an enhanced user experience, including customize color, size, electrics, hardwares, etc. We also accept to add logo film on the glass door or side wall of pod to make your company own pod.

Mount Display

Work pod and meeting pod series are suitable place for making video meeting. FlexSpace R&D team design an openable panel for electronic devices and easy maintence, on which display, speaker, light switch can be attached. Available for FlexSpace work pod, M pod, L pod and other big size pod.

Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic whiteboards are handy tools that allow you to write important notes, appointments and ideas down and quickly erase them without leaving a mark.Available for all FlexSpace pod types.

Standing Desk

Standing desks help improve mood and energy levels which help people work comfortable and even may boost productivity with adjustable height. Available for FlexSpace work pod and meeting pod.

Smart Pod

Integrated with touch screen display, EM lock and intelligent system, the pod can booked by apps on the phone. Available for FlexSpace work pod and meeting pod.

Wireless Charger

Intergate on the pod desktop, you only need to gently lean the phone on the charger, and the current will be continuously charged into the phone. Available for all FlexSpace pod series.

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FlexSpace provides unmatched quality, ex-factory price and professional sales supports.

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Product Display
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