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10/ 09/ 2023
Enhancing Office Pods: Unleashing the Potential

Office pods have revolutionized the modern workplace by providing versatile spaces for different purposes such as phone booths, meeting rooms, and break areas. However, simply considering them as functional spaces with furniture additions undermines their potential. By incorporating creative embel

04/ 14/ 2023
What are the benefits of an office pod with a height-adjustable table?

As the modern workplace becomes more diverse in terms of employee needs and preferences, office furniture is adapting to meet those needs. One such adaptation is the office pod with a height-adjustable table. This innovative design caters to the growing trend of ergonomic office furniture and is qui

04/ 19/ 2023
Flexspace 2023 new office pod!

I am thrilled to announce the grand opening of our brand-new office pod! Our sleek and modern workspaces have been upgraded with exciting new features to provide an even better working environment for all our colleagues. One of the most notable features of the updated office pod is the Height-adjus

12/ 07/ 2022
Flexspace's phone pod products are UL 962 certified!

If you're distracted, unmotivated or even hate your job, you may want to pick on the office you're in, in addition to doing some self-examination. With companies such as Google and Yahoo adopting open plan office spaces, the office model has become a global phenomenon in recent years, with many comp

12/ 15/ 2022
How to distinguish UL logo?

UL certification was established by UL, a global testing and certification organization and standard development organization [1]. Since its founding in 1894, UL has published nearly 1,800 safety, quality and sustainability standards, more than 70% of which have become U.S. national standards. UL is

07/ 14/ 2023
What you should do this summer!

Ah, summer! The season of sunshine, warmth, and endless possibilities. As the temperature rises and schools go on a break, it's the perfect time to make the most of your days and create memories that will last a lifetime. So, let's dive into some ideas of what you should do this summer! 1. Embrace t

12/ 16/ 2022
How to choose different sizes of office pods

Businesses are increasingly realising that the huge tundra of open plan office spaces is not conducive to increased productivity or improved mental health. As a result, attention is turning to the ways in which office pods and booths can create a more responsive, flexible working environment to meet

11/ 16/ 2022
The Future of Office Pods?

Office pods are quickly becoming the future of office furniture. They offer a variety of benefits, including increased privacy, productivity, and comfort.1. What are office pods?Office pods are small, enclosed spaces that are used for working. They are often used as an alternative to open-plan offic

11/ 25/ 2022
How to set up a partition in the office?

Office partition can be selected according to different needs of different types of office partition. Several commonly used office partition in office design are: door, window, elevator, office signs, wardrobe, cursor, computer screen and so on. The choice of office partition depends on a variety of

08/ 17/ 2022
5 commercial office design trends for the workplace in 2022(3)

4. Using technology to create a safer office environment Having battled the global pandemic and dealt with its effects, new technology has certainly improved our perception of office design. Even with a growing number of employees still living in remote areas, companies are encouraging modern office

03/ 28/ 2023
Why the modern office is more about quiet(2)

Create a comfortable space A comfortable and relaxing space is essential for introverts. As an introvert, you need a lot of time alone to recharge your batteries. Therefore, when choosing home décor, priority should be given to soft and fluffy materials such as pillows, throws, doilies and tapestrie

03/ 23/ 2023
Why the modern office is more about quiet(1)

Over the past decade, the advantages of introverts have been gradually discovered. The Quiet Revolution, which is sweeping across all sectors, is now blowing into interior design. Experts predict that the future of interior design will focus more on the needs of introverts, with an emphasis on 'quie

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