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5 commercial office design trends for the workplace in 2022(1)

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There is no doubt that COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we look at office design.

Throughout the pandemic, many companies have had to find innovative ways to ensure that workplace safety remains a top priority, while still maintaining a corporate culture that ensures high levels of productivity and efficiency, and promotes much-needed employee happiness.

Adapting to the many changes that have taken place over the past two years has certainly been a challenge for many offices, so it is no surprise that top office design trends have moved with the times.

While some of these trends have emerged with the pandemic in mind, many offices are finding that a renewed focus on flexibility, comfortable environments, sustainability and digital technology is better for productivity and the bottom line. Here are 5 key trends that will revolutionise the office environment in 2022, and some suggestions for implementing them in your space.

1. Create dynamic office layouts

It's official: cubicle farms and rigid partitions are out of fashion. Modern design elements are starting to feature more dynamic spaces that can easily adapt to the needs of a changing workforce.

With many people having spent at least part of the last two years in social isolation, the best way to promote more collaboration and teamwork between employees is to ensure that your space is diverse enough to accommodate a variety of interactions with colleagues.

office pod

Add pods to your office space

Flexible workspaces and 'pod' style layouts are becoming more popular as many businesses adopt an open concept office design. They have proved particularly useful in an era of social distancing, but even in post-pandemic office environments they are perfect for adding an element of privacy to open spaces.

When employees are in the office, they are often looking for somewhere safe and confidential to work. As remote workers return to the office and the number of employees in the workforce continues to fluctuate, employees may find themselves in an office where they don't feel like they belong. This is where pods come in.

Many of these pods have small, private spaces with enough room to work alone or with small groups, as well as soft seating and sockets for laptop charging. Some pods are even soundproofed so that employees can hold meetings and talk to each other in a convenient and safe way.

Incorporate more flexible furniture

If pods don't fit into your office space, consider adding furniture that can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of your workplace. Rather than opting for a large table and fixed chair, choose a smaller table and chair on wheels that can be pushed together when working together and then pulled apart to work independently.

This type of workplace design is very popular in smaller office spaces in the post-pandemic era, as most employees are more conscious of the health and safety of their office environment. This flexible office design not only allows your employees to feel safe and comfortable in the office, but also allows them to modify their space to achieve the desired level of productivity.

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