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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

7 different office pods(1)

Views: 82     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-21      Origin: Site


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1. Aegis solo pod

The Aegis solo pod is one of our most popular pods for personal work, study and video conferencing. During the pandemic, we have all become accustomed to video conference calls via platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams and are much more comfortable with them. We have recently seen an upward trend in companies wanting to create quiet protected spaces and areas for returning employees. the Aegis Solo Pod ticks all the boxes. It is made up of thick 55mm lined acoustic panels that have been tested to reduce noise by up to 30dB and is very easy to install with little to no tools required.

The Aegis Solo Pod is available in two sizes, the larger size being 1400mm wide and deep, providing the user with more screen protection on each side. We have recently delivered and installed six of these pods for the library at Hereford County Hospital's Wye Valley NHS Trust.

2. Beehive 6-person pods

These pods have been very popular with schools, colleges and universities as they provide a large private space for study and discussion and they look really cool too! The Hive 6 Person pod has a futuristic look and a hexagonal shape depicting a beehive, a shape that we tend to think of as familiar and safe. Castors can be added to the base, meaning you can move the pod to different positions to keep your working environment interesting.

3. Kastaway four person high back pod/booth

Although this item is more of a booth than a pod, it still offers good acoustic protection as it has high sides. the Kastaway units have a homely feel with soft ribbed style seat and back cushions that promote a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. These units have been designed exclusively by the long-established David Fox Design Studio. A canopy can be added to the top of the unit which will add a unique look and help and improve the overall acoustics.

4. Zen Team Office Pod

The Zen Team office pod is an ideal solution for people looking for a semi-private area. It has been a popular choice for companies who find themselves in need of a quiet space to meet and collaborate in an open environment. the Zen Team pod features 50mm panels for better architecture and better acoustics. We also offer optional extras such as power and data modules for laptops and phones. We have already received feedback from companies who regularly use the Zen Team pod for regular meetings and collaborations.

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