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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

7 different office pods(2)

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5. Calmo Double Pod  

The Calmo Double Pod is designed for people and small groups for concentration and focus. This pod is very well built and is made of toughened laminated glass with first class latches. It's a no-brainer pod as it only comes with a white enclosure and black door frame, but who cares when the experience inside is second to none. The pod's features include data points and USB charging, LED lights with motion sensors and a ventilation fan to keep the air flowing and the user refreshed. We recently installed two Calmo tandem pods at Enzyme Communications in London and our customers are very happy with them. Here are some photos from the installation.

6. FlexSpace

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, FlexSpace has the perfect professional team to provide for all your needs. All their products reach the market only after passing a huge variety of certification systems. As a result, any product you receive will be of the highest quality. They mainly offer two lines of pods – the M pod and the S pod, whose price ranges from $1,999 to $ 3,999.

While the S Pod is designed with individualized work-sessions in mind, the M Pod is designed with collaborative meetings in mind. Their pods come with advanced sound insulators between double steel walls, inner acoustic panels, and laminated double pane glass. Such features protect your privacy from eavesdropping and keep you comfortable as you work!

The best part is that all their pods are perfectly customizable to meet your needs. So you can choose between multiple color options and different features, including power options, displays, whiteboards, and beautiful designs.  All the pods are designed to be sustainable, which makes them incredibly futuristic.

7. Harbour Work Pod

The Harbour Work Pod is an ideal solution for people returning to the office and looking for a safe working space away from the hustle and bustle of the open environment. The Harbour Work Pod is a fully equipped compartment with ambient lighting, air circulation fans and glass panels to keep light and unwanted sound out. In addition, a power module can be added as an optional accessory to ensure a steady supply of power for a laptop or phone while working quietly.

By introducing office pods in the workplace, you give employees and workers the opportunity to choose where they want to work. This gives them more autonomy and a sense of place to work, which is important for their health and stress levels.

Other reasons for introducing office pods and improving the acoustic environment are.

- To support higher performance.

- To improve speech intelligibility in meetings.

- To make communication clearer.

- To create a more comfortable environment.

- Reduce employee stress

- Increase employee satisfaction

We hope that the operation of our seven best-selling office pods is useful and helps you to make a more informed decision about which pod or pods are best suited to your working environment.

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