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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

7 of the most common open plan office problems(2)

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4. The temperature is uncomfortable

Too hot, too cold, not for most people. Regulating the temperature of an open-plan office can be a full-time job in itself. A survey conducted by The Harris Poll in 2018 found that nearly 50% of office workers were unhappy with the temperature in their office.

Exercising control over our environment - whether it's by setting the temperature, decorating, dimming the lights or otherwise - is one way to keep employees happy at work. If office workers feel they have no control over their environment, morale can plummet.

Having said that, it is not feasible to constantly adjust the temperature throughout the day. Employees can bring jackets, blankets, heaters, fans, or wear breathable clothing, but open plan offices

Open plan offices can still be divided over the right to control the thermostat, however.

open office place

5. Employee health is at risk

Open plan offices may be annoying, but did you know that they can also be dangerous to your health?

With no barriers to restrict the flow of bacteria, employees in open plan offices are 62% more likely to call in sick than those in closed offices. In addition, harmful noise levels can increase blood pressure and trigger the release of stress hormones, making employees feel worse.

A Cornell University study showed that employees in high-noise environments experienced increased levels of adrenaline (or epinephrine) and residual behaviours that indicated a lack of motivation, even after they had left the noisy environment. Employees in open plan offices were less likely to be motivated at work and more likely to feel stressed.

This study also suggests that employees in open plan offices are at a higher risk of poor posture and associated health effects.

6. Introverts have no way out

You may be surprised to learn that introverts make up a large percentage of the workforce. What happens when you put an introvert in an open office environment?

They aren't so happy.

Introverts are easily over-stimulated by the cacophony of sounds happening around them and the constant visual input and distractions. A constantly stimulating environment is not good for anyone, especially for introverts who have nowhere else to go.

Open plan offices rarely provide rooms for relief or relaxation for workers who need to get away from stimulation.

7. Lack of privacy and security

One of the worst problems in open plan offices is the lack of privacy, which often has a negative impact on work performance.

When employees think all eyes (and ears) are on them, they actually do worse. They are often too concerned about their busy schedules to give their full attention to their work.

The lack of privacy is also frustrating for those who try to make private calls or have personal conversations. It also leads to a lack of security, which can be a huge problem for companies dealing with confidential customer information or health records.

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