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9 essential features of office phone booths(1)

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With the popularity of coworking spaces and awareness of the disruption caused by excessive noise in the workplace, more and more companies are springing up to offer their own variation on these private workplace phone booths.

Here are more options to keep in mind when looking for the perfect model for your workplace.

1. Soundproofing

One of the main reasons you might be interested in investing in a phone booth is to reduce office noise and provide more privacy. Therefore, if your phone booth is not actually soundproof, then this investment is not worth much. It is difficult to determine how much sound a phone booth actually dampens without trying it out for yourself, but you can at least ask the manufacturer how they tested the sound insulation and what level of noise will be blocked.

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2. Portability/flexibility

Many of the office phone booths on the market today do claim to be portable so that you can move them around the entire space as your needs and preferences change.

However, not all phone booths are equally easy to move. For example, some need to be taken apart if you want to move them. Others are technically moveable, but are super heavy, so repositioning them without professional help is impractical. Make sure you research the specific process involved in moving each pod and consider whether it can be moved easily across your office floor surface.

Another thing to keep in mind. If your office has an uneven floor, will the stand be able to accommodate this?

3. Size and space requirements

Most companies that manufacture office phone booths offer options suitable for a single member of staff, as well as pods that can accommodate small groups of two or three people, and some more spacious options designed to accommodate up to six people at a time. These larger options are great when your staff need to hold private meetings or brainstorming sessions without using a larger meeting room.

Thinking along these lines, you may also want to pay attention to the door style of the phone booth. For larger phone booths, is it easy to open and close the door when there are other people already inside? In addition, some safety regulations require that the door does not create too much of an obstacle to access when it is open. An open door can also restrict where you can place your stand in the office. For this reason, stands with folding or sliding doors may require a smaller footprint. However, other brands may argue that certain types of lightweight doors can affect the acoustic quality of a stand.

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