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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

9 essential features of office phone booths(2)

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4. Light and energy use

Some stands are equipped with skylights at the top to help staff take advantage of natural light. Most also have some transparent walls or full-length transparent doors to facilitate natural light.

Telephone booths with transparent walls on all sides promote the flow of light, both into and through the booth, so that the whole sense of open space in the office is not interrupted. They also make it clear when a phone booth is occupied to eliminate any confusion.

The downside to these see-through walls is that employees may get a little less visual privacy. After all, if everyone can see the employees' expressions and body language, they can visualise a lot of what is going on. Some booths compromise by using slanted windows that allow light in but obscure what is happening inside the booth.

Finally, if your booth requires additional lighting, consider energy efficient dimming.

5. Design / aesthetics

Of course, you can get an idea of whether various booths fit your office aesthetic or appeal to you personally by simply looking at photos online.

However, some stands will also allow buyers to choose bespoke colours for the interior and exterior, and even change the interior panels or carpets if they choose. A few models even come with dry-erase walls as standard to make brainstorming and meeting notes easier.

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6. Furniture

Many office phone booths come with a seating area and a small table or work surface large enough to accommodate a laptop.

Consider the comfort level of the furniture that comes with each phone booth you are considering and whether that furniture will meet the needs of all your employees. Some companies even allow buyers to choose booth furniture from a variety of seating options and configurations. Finally, be sure to consider the ease of access to the booth for your employees.

7. Ventilation

Soundproof booths all require some sort of ventilation to control the temperature and to get rid of any unpleasant odours left by previous occupants. Your staff may like the ability to adjust the airflow to their liking.

Some booths automatically turn on ventilation when employees enter and then turn it off when they leave, which can help save energy in the long term.

8. Connectivity

If your employees don't have easy access to a reliable and fast internet connection in these private booths, as well as the ability to charge their electronics, then it will be difficult for them to do any kind of long-term work in these booths. Check to ensure that any booths you purchase are equipped with connectivity options such as standard sockets and USB ports.

9. Assembly/Installation

Before you buy, make sure you understand how complicated it is to put your booth together.

While this doesn't have to be a barrier to your choice of phone booth, you need to be prepared for the disruption and potential cost of getting the booth fully up and running.

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