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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

Acoustic pods are better suited to low budget projects

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One of the biggest advantages of acoustic pods is that they are an affordable and attractive solution for any office. Not only are they flexible, meaning they can be moved around the office, but they are also cheaper and easier to install than having a builder construct a new wall. So instead of going through the hassle of building, why not consider one of the acoustic office pods we have today?

From a design point of view, acoustic pods can also improve the overall interior design. They can be customised to ensure that they match their surroundings, whether they are modern and bright, or professional and sophisticated. A workplace with a specific design will have quiet spaces for focused work, collaboration areas, creative areas and much more. Installing acoustic pods in the workplace can help break up the large spaces around you and make the working environment more relaxed.

Part of the appeal of acoustic pods is their simplicity. Companies can order a ready-made structure that can be installed anywhere in the office. Similar to other office furniture, the pod is easy to move if it has to be redesigned, or if the company has to move buildings, it can be taken away.

One of the best things about acoustic pods is that they also make it easier for workers to work together without interference. It allows the workers inside to feel more comfortable sharing ideas and having discussions without worrying that others are listening.

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This means that meetings will be more efficient and are likely to produce better results due to a greater flow of ideas and fewer interruptions.

While open plan offices may look good, there is little to no privacy, which can affect productivity and the overall performance of team members. A study by the University of California showed that it can take up to 23 minutes to fully regain focus after a work interruption. Experiencing multiple interruptions during each working day therefore means sacrificing a lot of valuable work time.

Open plan office environments are also known to cause anxiety due to noise, lack of environmental control and lack of privacy. For some people, being visible from all angles can also cause frustration.

Installing acoustic pods in the office will help to prevent distracting sounds from occurring, thus improving performance, and it will also have a positive impact on the health and well-being of colleagues.

Another benefit of acoustic office pods is that they allow for peace and quiet, which is a stress reliever. Many workers will find open office environments frustrating due to the constant distractions and noise, which can lead to a stressful work environment.

Stress can also make it more difficult to be creative and can lead to health problems such as increased blood pressure, headaches and fatigue. The more stressful an environment is, the harder it is for people to maintain morale and stay motivated about their work. By adding quiet pods to the office, workers will be able to get a private space to get away from the stress. Quiet pods will help create a more comfortable and inviting office space.

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