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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

Basic features of soundproof office pods

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1. Mobility

"It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but those most responsive to change," said Charles Darwin. A timely insight, because we are living in an era of unprecedented and accelerated change. To be successful in the long term, we must be adaptable.

Pods are mobile office furniture - they help you adapt to the unexpected.

Think of them as a long-term asset that gives you continued flexibility. They are mobile and some are modular. Rather than locking you into a fixed layout, pods allow you to adjust your office set-up in time, giving you options.

Flexibility makes you more adaptable to the future.

To get the most out of your pods, look for pods that are easy to assemble, easy to move around the office, easy to dismantle and easy to relocate to a new building.

The key mobility features: either castors or "space for a pallet jacket underneath".

Office pod manufacturers like us make their pods mobile in one of two ways: 1. lockable castors, or 2. a removable front panel on the bottom of the product that allows for relocation using a pallet lift/truck.

Professional advice: buy pods that are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Pods that are easy to disassemble and install will offer considerable advantages for future office moves. They will allow you to set up a fully functional space in half a day and get straight back to work.

Portable office work pods are an economical alternative to building.

They eliminate the need for expensive, time-intensive construction and refurbishment. They make it possible to quickly modify the layout. And, because they come with every move you make, you are never forced to cut your losses and leave expensive infrastructure behind.

office pod

2. Professional acoustics

Office pods must be acoustically sound in order to bring optimum functionality to the floor plan. They should be designed to ISO 23351-1:2020 class B standard or above. They should be comfortable and quiet. And they should trap all sound inside and reduce the amount of noise on the floor.

What exactly is voice privacy?

Voice privacy is just what you'd expect: soundproofing your voice for privacy. When an acoustic pod or similar fixture provides you with voice privacy, people nearby (i.e. those outside the pod) cannot understand your conversation.

Voice privacy pods are places where confidential or sensitive discussions take place.

Did you know that intelligible speech is one of the most distracting types of office noise? By including it in the Voice Privacy Pod, you eliminate one of the worst forms of sound on the floor and make the workplace more productive for everyone.

3. A high level of air ventilation

Must-have air quality feature #1: a continuous ventilation system

As long as the pod's ventilation system is in constant operation, the interior of the pod will remain fresh with new air from the office space throughout your use of it.

Must-have air quality feature #2: Adjustable fan speed (for employee comfort)

The adjustable ventilation system allows employees to fix the setting of the pod to their liking.

Must-have air quality feature #4: Anti-virus coating

The anti-viral coating will kill germs at the source, giving your team added peace of mind.

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