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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

Do you understand the pros and cons of open plan offices? (1)

Views: 58     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-05      Origin: Site


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An open office scheme seems to be all the rage, with design forces changing the internal business environment today. Born in the technology industry, it has expanded over time to include well-known industries such as advertising and media. Discussions about office space are now becoming more human-centred rather than focused on pure design principles. Visual appeal has also grown in open plan offices, becoming central to a company's brand identity. However, after years of proliferation, the open plan office has faced fierce criticism, which we will also mention in the article.

An open season

Open design is a breath of fresh air in the world of business. It aims to reduce barriers to human interaction and communication, thus encouraging a culture of informal and spontaneous meetings. In addition, it contains a workspace without high dividing lines and promotes communal areas where people come together and connect in a meaningful way. This means that businesses with workflows that rely heavily on collaboration tend to do so the most. This is a design experiment with mixed results and it is vital to weigh up the pros and cons.

A double-edged sword

Open plans can help owners and managers gain access to valuable real estate and maximise the use of available space. This means more workers can fit effectively into the office, which can allow you to save money in the long run. However, one cannot go overboard, as a cramped office will defeat the whole purpose. If you are simply away from your colleagues and forced to listen to dozens of phone conversations, that can hinder your ability to focus on future tasks and deliver results. So don't expect an open plan to solve organisational and structural problems - in fact, it can even emphasise them.

office pod

Control the scope

People work in different ways and need different things in their workspace. Open plans allow them to control the space, offering greater flexibility than rigid cubicles. One should therefore consider a wide range of moveable components which can choose where to perform their work duties. It is now believed that simply removing walls will create an environment where productivity, ideas and creativity flourish. However, the strong opposition to open plan offices suggests that this illusion is misleading. Some even consider open plan 'oppressive', which is responsible for reduced productivity and increased sick days.

More or less

In order to bring lasting benefits to the company, open plan design sometimes needs to be less open. Privacy is a big issue in this type of office and closed rooms do have their advantages. Business owners should therefore consider progressively implementing new concepts of design in their premises. Make an effort to combine private offices and cubicle banks with an open plan to combine a multifunctional workplace. Think about dividers, doors, soundproofing and other components that maintain a single person working pattern. Quality suppliers like Doors Plus ensure that traditional elements are stylish and functional, while a trusted general contractor can carry out refurbishments and renovations.

Hybrid solutions

Ultimately, open-plan layouts are not for everyone and some collectives do suffer from near-constant disruption. Noise is one of the most pressing issues, which can nuisance workers' concentration and ability to achieve optimum performance. In many open plan spaces, staff use headphones as a 'do not disturb me' sign. The overriding objective was therefore to create a hybrid office with a range of spaces available to staff. Giving people the opportunity to work in the coffee bar, lounge, lobby, balcony and other areas. Simply keep core work areas intact and eliminate distractions, clutter and other productivity killers.

Old and new

The innovative open plan design frees workers from the cumbersome cube, but the new environment is not without its challenges - privacy being one of the most prominent. The disadvantages and advantages of the present mean that the office of the future may have both open and private spaces: we must build on the rich experience and proven methods of past offices and use these foundations to call the future of business to our premises. Make your office an ideal place to be and remain open to the novelties that are to come.

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