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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

How to choose different sizes of office pods

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Businesses are increasingly realising that the huge tundra of open plan office spaces is not conducive to increased productivity or improved mental health. As a result, attention is turning to the ways in which office pods and booths can create a more responsive, flexible working environment to meet the needs of a wider range of workers.

Choosing the right style for your business and the combination of pods or booths needs to be considered. If you want to avoid inserting large, bulky, expensive and lightweight refrigerators in the middle of your office, take some time to determine your priorities and what needs to be invested in terms of space and space Comfort.

Conferences, video conferencing, one-to-one, personal work, confidential gatherings? The answer to this question is important because it will have a huge impact on the physical characteristics of the pod or booth you ultimately choose.

Of course, an office pod is not just another piece of furniture - there are important safety considerations to take into account when choosing one. The right supplier will take fire and other regulations into account during production and when selling you a solution. For example, these pods are opened and closed with beautiful louvred ceilings.


Not only does it therefore provide excellent airflow, it also means that in many cases the building's existing fire suppression system will be used in conjunction with the pods when they are installed.

However, you should carefully consider all the health and safety hazards that may be associated with introducing new enclosed spaces into your office. If your office real estate is spread across various regions, then your procurement team should have a clear understanding of the restrictions that may apply in each region and ensure that your choice is in line with these restrictions.

Mark Zuckerberg's famous desk sits in the middle of an aeroplane hangar-style open-plan office in Menlo Park. But rumour has it that he spends most of his time in the enclosed pods and private meeting rooms provided by the headquarters.

Basic office etiquette of internal policing is indeed enough to keep the pod at bay, but if this could be a problem then perhaps you should consider investing in a variety of different sizes and styles of stalls.

If pod blockage is a permanent problem for a person, then this may indicate that their existing workstation is inadequate for their privacy needs. There are many individual workstation designs that may be better optimised for the work they need to do, meaning they don't have to retreat to a shared meeting space to get their work done.

Modern booths and pods come in all shapes and sizes. They cater for a wide range of needs and can be quickly configured to suit your specific requirements.

If you need to set up your office quickly for event-based work, then they can immediately bring you a new type of space full of different energy.

Some pods can even be installed in half a day, with the correct 'plug and play' power supply option - allowing normal operation without causing disruption.

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