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How to distinguish UL logo?

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UL certification was established by UL, a global testing and certification organization and standard development organization [1]. Since its founding in 1894, UL has published nearly 1,800 safety, quality and sustainability standards, more than 70% of which have become U.S. national standards. UL is also the development agency for the Canadian national standards.

The UL label indicates that the product and/or the product package has passed the UL certification and meets the safety standards. The most important component of these marks is the UL symbol, which mainly comes in the following three forms.

1. ULus: Safety mark for products entering the US market

2. cUL: the safety mark of the product entering the Canadian market

3. cULus: Safety mark for products entering the US market and Canadian market.

Flexspace office pod products have been tested to meet safety standards in several countries, including the United States and Canada.


American standard

Canadian standard

American and Canadian standards





Listed: for use only on complete products and various devices or devices replaced or installed by qualified personnel at the site. UL listed services include IT devices, AV devices, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, household appliances, medical devices, computers, commercial equipment, and electrical products used in buildings and other electrical components. Products listed under UL can be marked with the UL label on each product. If the final product needs to be marked with the UL label, UL shall test the samples to ensure that they are free from fire and electrical hazards.

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