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How to promote happiness through office design

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Office decoration and furnishing is an important part of any business as it creates a business atmosphere. Employees and business owners are the ones who spend the most time working in the office. It's no secret that the mood of employees can help improve the productivity of a business, so when furnishing your office, consider how these designs can help improve the happiness of your employees.

1. Stimulate movement

Companies offer a variety of workspaces so that employees can choose where and how they like to work. Integrating seated and standing desks, providing flexible workspaces and promoting activity-based work are all good ways to achieve this. Try also to promote active lifestyles through initiatives such as competitions and company fitness events.

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2. Space for relaxation

Every office should have a place for employees to relax. With all employees in the office all the time, it is inevitably a little dull and boring. But break time is a time to recharge, as all employees are free to work. Promote the emotional well-being of employees by creating a sense of community and belonging. Providing a comfortable and functional break room with a balance of desks and chairs is key.

3. Collaboration areas

Providing collaborative areas plays an important role in promoting employee communication and employee rapport. Companies can consider creating different meeting spaces within the office as well as comfortable areas to relax and talk.

4. Private space

Open plan offices can sometimes be a distraction for employees. The nature of work in different departments is different, and the way of communication may be different. Telephone and crowded space, open-plan offices can affect the efficiency of other employees, so when setting up office areas, due consideration is given to merging quiet areas so that employees can choose to work when they need to get rid of the noise apparatus.

Adding colour and touches of nature can transform a stark office space into a more welcoming and attractive environment.

If your employees are comfortable and have the optimum environment to work in, productivity should also thrive. If you’re looking for the best ergonomic brands at discounted prices, shop the used office furniture collection at LOF.

5. Decorative items

When setting up decorations, make sure they suit the whole office atmosphere and consider elements such as lighting systems, artwork and office furniture colours, as well as whether the office is an attractive and warm place to work. Greenery has many benefits, including improved air quality, improved temperature regulation and stress relief.

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