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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

Office phone booths boost employees' physical and mental health(1)

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An office phone booth is a self-contained pod that can be used in any area of your workplace to provide privacy.

If you choose a supplier like Flexspace, these are soundproofed to ensure that conversations cannot be heard outside the phone booth itself and may come with a motorised, height-adjustable table to make everyday tasks easier.

When 70% of office space in the US is open plan, you can easily see the potential benefits of providing a secluded workspace in a bustling and sometimes distracting environment.

As employees become increasingly aware of the impact their work has on their health, employers are looking for a variety of solutions to improve workers' well-being.

An article in Forbes magazine states that companies with employee wellness programmes are more likely to be rewarded by employees who recommend their companies as good places to work.

It also cited a study in which 61% of employees agreed that their company's wellness programme motivated them to make healthy changes to their lifestyle. The result was that productivity at work went up and job satisfaction increased.

And something as simple as installing an office phone booth in your floor plan can help you find the healthy balance you need. They offer a number of health benefits - from mental to physical - that are worth looking at.

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Health benefits of office phone booths

Office phone booths can help relieve many of the stresses of working in a noisy office and promote a healthier work environment. Here's how.

Relieve tension

Working in a noise-polluted office can have a real and measurable impact on your body.

When you're stressed, you release hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, the former causing your blood pressure to rise and the latter preparing your body for a fight-or-flight response.

These stress hormones alter your body's natural balance and if you are exposed to them too often you could end up with long-term problems such as digestive problems, heart disease, anxiety and depression.

Employers recognise that a quiet space is essential to keep stress levels low and productivity high. In fact, CNBC reported on a survey that found 58% of high-performing employees needed more privacy to complete difficult tasks and 54% felt their workplace was "too distracting".

A simple step, such as installing one or more phone booths for employees, can eliminate much of this stress and anxiety.

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