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The 4 essential elements of a flexible office

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As businesses become more flexible and global, the demand for 'workspace services' (fully furnished office space that is not subject to a fixed contract) is on the rise. A survey of business executives conducted by The Executive earlier this year showed that 66% of global business executives believe this trend will continue.

But what factors are making companies choose flexible workplaces against a backdrop of increasing flexibility in the workplace?

High-speed, reliable networks. Most multinational companies cannot do without high-speed, reliable internet service. On average, each employee spends one week a year waiting for a corporate network response. The risk of waiting is even higher when your workplace changes weekly. In addition to reliability, security is also a major issue. Our survey found that less than 50% of employees are comfortable checking their email in a café or business lounge. Be sure to check that your internet connection is trustworthy before using an office space.

Inspirational meeting spaces. These office spaces are not just a reliable place to spend your 9 to 5. They can also help you interact with colleagues and clients in an inspiring and constructive way. According to our latest research, 75 per cent of people who have tried open plan shared working say they have been more productive as a result.

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Ease of access. An office space is almost like a second home for your employees. In other words, in such an office environment, the receptionist is fully aware of the client's business; employees can always book a meeting room or a desk in a flexible space if needed.

Corporate collaboration opportunities. A quality office space is not only a place to run a business, it also helps companies to grow their business. Some 80 per cent of respondents said that flexible workspaces offer good social opportunities, while 62 per cent said that daily interaction with other professionals helps them maintain their skills and expertise. So, instead of making your office space a closed office, keep it open to potential networking opportunities with neighbouring desks. Perhaps the next business idea will be born in a communal pantry rather than in front of a computer.

Scalability. An office can bring business success to a company and keep it there. That's why 73% of companies surveyed told us that the biggest advantage of a flexible office is the freedom to control staff numbers without incurring any additional costs. When their business wins a new contract, or they want to increase their presence in a particular region or market, they can bring in staff to meet their needs. This means that companies can avoid the high costs and long waits associated with investing in new offices.

The high flexibility and low cost, in addition to providing office equipment, office support and other additional services, has gradually created a free and cordial atmosphere where business managers share information with each other, exchange ideas, widen their social circle and inspire and create ideas.

So, when we talk about flexible offices, we are not just looking at the immediate future, we are looking at the present.

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