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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

What is an office pod?

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Pods are almost entirely self-contained spaces, giving the lone worker a private area to concentrate on, away from the distractions and noise of the office. Essentially, they are "a room within a room", and many of them can even be moved.

Very often they look like fancy telephone booths, with all four walls (often glass), ceilings, seating for one person and the equipment needed to get the job done. Whatever the department is, they provide a quiet, private area for all workers. It sounds like a simple setup.

More and more companies are literally tearing down walls to support open office schemes and share workspaces with other companies.

Open office schemes promote socialising and collaboration but are not the best environment for introverts, those who are sensitive to noise, those who spend a lot of their working time on the phone or those who are looking for a secluded, private area to concentrate.

Where do you have to go to get to "the zone"? The solution is likely to be budget-friendly pods. So why? Well, in all open floor plans where secluded areas are few and far between, soundproof, distraction-free areas are a benefit.

open office

There are several types of "Pods" or "Privacy pods", some of which are simply rearranged furniture. For us, office pods are a little more advanced. If you are still trying to take pictures of a telephone booth with wheels, then you can almost understand.

Even if you change your office plans or need the help of an office pod in another area of your organisation, you don't have to build it from scratch, as you would elsewhere. You can move as many pods as you need, which gives you more flexibility than a conventional room.

Fully sealed, soundproof and free from distractions. Sounds like the ideal place for you to concentrate. Noise is inevitable in any workplace. Your office pod gives you the chance to catch your breath and work without distraction.

Instead of having to build an extra room for people who want extra concentration, you get an office pod. Streamlined, aesthetically pleasing and easy to set up and move around.

Pods with enough space for more people are of course also more expensive. Getting a bespoke pod is cheaper than building a new meeting room, and doing so is prohibited. Pods have the advantage of mobility, while the room and walls usually stay in place.

Office Pod is not just for tapping on the keyboard. You can video conference in a private area and also provide idea visualisation for team members in the pane.

With regard to the type of work you can do in it, Pods are versatile, but can definitely be described as ways of working. The best office pods can work both seated and standing, making them a great choice for ergonomics.

The office pods are usually enclosed in translucent glass. Why? Just because the workers in the pod are obscured from the surrounding chaos does not mean you should exclude them altogether. Glass panels will help open up the layout and make the pod feel less invasive.

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