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Where is the office pods best placed?

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Selecting, arranging and placing the right size pod should start with defining a clear purpose for the space. Firstly, ask the employees or other users of the space what challenges they face in their current work environment and what their needs are in terms of workspace: what kind of space will support them in their work and workflow?

The biggest problem in shared workspaces is usually the lack of quiet and quiet focus on work. If the vast majority of employees are doing independent cognitive work in an open space, the office pod should support conversation and collaboration. Having a dedicated chat room can save others from the distraction of conversation and allow those in a shared work environment to focus on their own work. However, if the common workspace is primarily used for collaborative work, panes are needed for intensive cognitive work and for making private phone calls.

office pod

Flexibly sized pods that can accommodate more than one person can almost immediately solve many of the challenges associated with using shared spaces. For example, a pod for two people can be used as a telephone booth, a quiet workspace or a consultation space.

One pod is rarely sufficient for a large number of users. Pods are often needed. Peace and quiet are best achieved in shared workspaces where quick calls or meetings with colleagues can be easily moved away from open areas. It is therefore important to provide available space at short notice and there must be enough space to meet demand.

The appropriate number of Pods will vary depending on the situation, so it is always recommended that users determine for themselves what they need.

The size of the surrounding space sets the parameters for choosing a pod. If the users of the space have different needs, but the premises can only accommodate one pod, it is wise to choose a larger pod for more flexibility.

It is easy to achieve a pod that will serve its purpose well. Determine how the space will be arranged so that it can be easily and conveniently accessed into and around the pod. For example, telephone pods should be placed as close as possible to workstations so that people can quickly access the stand when the phone rings. It is not always possible to place a pod nearby - in which case make sure that the route to the pod is open and easily accessible.

Pods should be placed in a working environment so that it is obvious at a glance if they are already taking up space without having to walk around.

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