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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

Why office phone booths are more popular at work

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Phone booths are indeed making a comeback! In the old coin-operated phone box, it's been upgraded to a modern office phone booth. Upgraded with sophisticated acoustics, lovely mobility and a full range of features, the old coin-operated phone box has been transformed into a modern office phone booth - providing a private, quiet and independent space for calls on noisy office floors.

Lack of space to talk is bad for everyone's concentration. When an employee answers the phone on the floor, their attention is interrupted by the activity around them as they talk. At the same time, their conversation is intermittently interrupting the attention of nearby colleagues.

1. Speech intelligibility suffers in a noisy office

When employees answer the phone in a noisy space, they are likely to have difficulty hearing each other because of the background noise in the office. And vice versa. Speech intelligibility is diminished for both ends of the line, often leading to miscommunication and/or frustration.

2. Little to no speech privacy in shared spaces

Without an office call space like a telephone pod, employees are naturally forced to take calls on the floor and be overheard by their peers. This allows confidential discussions to be overheard. When people's affairs are constantly broadcast, they feel that they have no control at work.

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3. Introverted employees feel self-conscious when answering the phone on the floor

The typical introverted employee feels awkward when answering the phone in public. Their game is hindered by the fear of being heard. Whether introverted or extroverted, given the choice, most people would choose a quiet space over a buzzing one to answer the phone.

4. High-energy, chaotic environments can distract people from the present

Not to mention that some of us are easily distracted and are particularly sensitive to visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli. The mere presence of flashing headlights or whirring print can take away energy and hinder a strong presence on an important call.

5. Half the conversation can ruin concentration

Without proper space for silenced calls, periodic "half conversations" can occur on the floor. That is, half the conversation when someone nearby answers the phone. Half-talkers are particularly annoying - they prove to be more distracting than normal back-and-forth conversations.

The office phone/phone booth is a good solution to all five of these problems.

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