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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

Why office pods are important and why we need them(1)

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The open office plan is a norm in this day and age, but it comes with its own set of problems. Studies have shown that noise and distractions are the biggest barriers to focused work and productivity. It's hard to concentrate on a time-sensitive task when a lively colleague is on the phone to a client, or three people are having a heated discussion next to you. Providing a stress-free environment for workers away from desks and acoustic furniture should be a priority for every organisation. Enter the office pod, or the so-called office phone booth.

Workplace design trends are evolving in the post-COVID era, and so are office pods. Before they became hugely popular, pods were used to provide privacy and peace of mind for employees in noisy open plan offices, but now they can also be used to provide a safer working environment for employees. Pods have always helped to improve employee wellbeing and health by reducing stress in the office.

Office pods, also known as phone booths, are small, self-contained, soundproof, modular spaces designed to provide privacy and concentration for one or two people. These private and semi-private spaces are specifically designed for dynamic workspaces, allowing employees to handle personal or professional calls in a secluded area, providing a distraction-free space for high-priority personal tasks, as well as small pods for discussions and brainstorming.

A normal office pod is available in different sizes and has acoustic felt panels, ventilation systems, lighting, customised desks or seats, internal power and USB sockets and three walls with glass doors. It is like a personal compartment with a minimal design, equipped with furniture and soundproof walls. They are also made of various materials, such as wood, metal or glass, and buyers can mix and match them to achieve the desired customisation.

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The benefits that 8 pods can offer your office and employees.

More collaboration

Pods act as modern, technology-equipped phone booths or small meeting spaces designed for personal or virtual interaction. Employees use this space for quick brainstorming and private, important discussions. Pods make collaboration easy without distracting colleagues.

Staying focused

Pods offer employees an escape from the noise and allow them to focus on what really matters. This could be completing the task at hand or taking some time to think and conceptualise. Allowing employees to work without any distractions can increase productivity.

Increase autonomy

A lack of personal space can make anyone uncomfortable. Giving employees the option to escape the crowds and noise of the office will give them a greater sense of autonomy over their work. When they have more options for workspace, this will lead to higher morale, job satisfaction and productivity.

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