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Questions & Answers
We practice what we preach – In addition to our pods and booths we have our own innovative and unique tools to ensure a happier workplace.


  • Q Where should I place the pod?

    A We recommend locating our office pods and office phone booths centrally, close to where people are working so it is easy to check whether the pod or phone booth is occupied and is easy to access.
  • Q How good is the sound insulation?

    A The required level of sound insulation for pods, expressed in practical terms, is that they can be placed right next to workstations in an office and people working outside them will not be able to overhear discussions inside.
    Reverberation time is typically used to describe the interior acoustics of a space. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to reliably test reverberation time in pods because of their small size. However, the surface area and thickness of absorptive materials inside a pod are good indicators of its acoustics. Also, as with sound insulation, it’s important to test pods in practice and make sure that speech sounds natural inside them.
  • Q How good is the indoor air quality?

    A Majority of our materials are eco-friendly  and recyclable such as metal panel, aluminum profile and acoustic panels. What's more, quiet ventilation fans are equipped for fresh air flowing.
  • Q How much do the pods cost?

    A Contact our sales team for an offer here.
  • Q What's the payment term?

    A 50% deposit before production, 50% balance before shippment. Other required payment terms can be negotiated.
  • Q What's the lead time?

    A FlexSpace will set up safety inventory every month. One week for on-stock products, three to five weeks for nonstock product.
  • Q Is it possible to have the pods with other size or color?

    A Definitely.  Size and color customization is acceptable with certain MOQ. R&D dept will evaluates product feasibility and give feedback.
FlexSpace revolutionizes the open office with state-of-the-art spaces designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and collaboration.




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