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5 commercial office design trends for the workplace in 2022(2)

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2. Think of the commercial space as a home away from home

Especially since you've been in and out of your home office for the past two years (it may or may not feel like an office!) ), creating a pleasant office design for your staff and clients is vital to the success of your business.

Basically, you want everyone to feel as though they are in their own home. There are many ways to do this, and every workplace is different. But the key is to find a balance between comfort and sensibility that works perfectly with your brand.

Include tasteful furniture

Increasingly, offices are including sofas and armchairs with pillows in lobbies and office spaces to create a sense of home in the working environment. Not only do these units provide an attractive place to relax, but they are also incredibly versatile and will suit any open space in your building.

If it suits your space and brand, you could even consider adding coffee tables and beer crates alongside your new comfortable furniture Whether it's a lobby for your waiting customers or a break room for your staff, these features are sure to create a social environment that no one can resist.

Create more natural light

Exposure to daylight has been scientifically proven to improve our sense of well-being and mood. It also brightens up the room and makes the office feel bigger and more spacious. It goes without saying, therefore, that adding more natural light to your building can benefit your office environment immensely.

Sometimes this is as simple as moving furniture away from the windows to allow more sunlight to illuminate the space. However, in commercial spaces where there are fewer opportunities to embrace daylight, you can create the illusion of natural light by placing well placed mirrors or warm colour schemes.

Whichever method works best for your office space, adding more natural light is key to creating a more comfortable, homely office environment that is sure to boost your office's productivity and morale.

work office

3. Tell your brand story with interior design

Companies today find it necessary to get more creative with their marketing strategies in order to retain existing customers and leave a lasting impression on future ones. One way to achieve this is to use your office design to create an overarching theme for your brand. Obviously, the story behind every business is different and you will need to choose design elements that tell your story in the best possible way, but here are some ideas to get you started.

Combine old and new design elements

Trends come and go, just like the weather. So whether your organisation is a brand new start-up or one that has already made a name for itself, you might consider creating a fascinating mix of past and present by combining modern and retro design trends.

One trend that is coming back into vogue is the wooden office equipment of the 1960s. Other modern 'old' styles include brass, industrial-style metal and stone. Even if redesigning an entire office from wall to wall is impractical, complementing your interior design with some wooden coffee tables or brass artwork can inspire client interest and staff creativity for years to come.

Covering the walls

Many offices include wall coverings to show the history and culture of their business. These installations absorb light and other elements in the room, adding ambience to your office space. Harder surfaces are easier to clean and maintain, and it helps to keep your environment clean and safe.

Whether it's a textured, wood pattern that adds a vintage touch or a patterned wallpaper that incorporates your logo colours, wall decor is a great design tool for a simple office that will make employees and clients feel comfortable and welcome.

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