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08/ 17/ 2022
5 commercial office design trends for the workplace in 2022(3)

4. Using technology to create a safer office environment Having battled the global pandemic and dealt with its effects, new technology has certainly improved our perception of office design. Even with a growing number of employees still living in remote areas, companies are encouraging modern office

08/ 16/ 2022
5 commercial office design trends for the workplace in 2022(2)

2. Think of the commercial space as a home away from home Especially since you've been in and out of your home office for the past two years (it may or may not feel like an office!) ), creating a pleasant office design for your staff and clients is vital to the success of your business.Basically, yo

12/ 13/ 2022
Do you understand the pros and cons of open plan offices? (3)

The open workspace was originally designed to boost morale and encourage teamwork, which requires employees to be closer to the people they work with regularly, preferably sitting together. But Nicole says that if people are too close together, it can be socially awkward and some people choose to be

08/ 22/ 2022
How do you create a workplace that inspires creativity and innovation?

Creativity and innovation in the workplace are inspired by three basic mindsets: Belief; Prioritisation; and Courage. Believe; Prioritise; Be Bold. Jeff Ramos, Managing Director of The Garage, has implemented a programme designed to help employees innovate. In his view, employers must believe in the

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