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5 commercial office design trends for the workplace in 2022(3)

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4. Using technology to create a safer office environment

Having battled the global pandemic and dealt with its effects, new technology has certainly improved our perception of office design. Even with a growing number of employees still living in remote areas, companies are encouraging modern offices to enhance workplace safety and promote overall health and safety. By adopting some of the technology trends that make working during a pandemic possible, you can make your employees and clients feel more comfortable about returning to the office.

Contactless technology

Investing in automatic light switches and taps in your new office space was already a key feature of modern office design before the pandemic, but now this technology has become key to health and safety. Where possible, ensure you limit the number of surfaces your employees and customers need to touch when interacting with your space.

Voice recognition technology and mobile apps

While the implementation of facial recognition has been controversial, it is a useful tool to reduce the amount of physical contact in the office. However, a popular alternative is voice recognition.

This can also open many doors for online offices, integrating with offline spaces in a seamless way via the internet and other mobile applications. With automated scheduling and meeting room booking, everyone has equal access to the office at the touch of a finger (on their own personal device, of course!) .

5. Reconnecting with nature in our offices

Many offices are starting to be more generous with plants because of their positive effect on the health of their staff.

Sometimes rooms lack windows or good lighting, so introducing greenery can add a natural element and bring the outdoors in. One way to do this in your space is to understand and prioritise pro-life design elements.

What is water-friendly office design?

With the growth of industry over the last century, humans have essentially separated themselves from the natural world. Recognising the dangers of this separation to our overall health, hydrophilic design aims to reconnect the human organism with the life around it through direct experience of nature, including plants, water, animals, natural light, habitats and ecosystems.

We now know that an unrealistic experience of nature is simply not enough. You can't just hang a painting of green pastures on the wall and reap the benefits that nature has to offer us. Instead, here are some modern office trends that improve our health and mood through plant life and sustainable practices.

Living walls

There are many benefits to adding green walls to your office space. Indoor plants have been scientifically proven to improve air quality and circulation, especially in small spaces, which makes them perfect for offices.

Not only do they improve health and stimulate creativity and productivity, but they can also reduce noise levels in open plan office spaces. This will result in fewer headaches and fatigue for your employees and make them feel more relaxed in the workplace.

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