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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

5 ways in which office work pods are better than office buildings(1)

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Pods are like a clever variation on space design. They give offices a valuable degree of malleability. They are a flexible way of dividing up workspaces, allowing multiple areas to be created without rigid structural walls. Because they are mobile and/or modular, they make the entire layout feasible and incredibly easy to change.

They can be grouped or positioned like satellites, far apart, to encourage office activities between cabins or a safe/comfortable social distance between colleagues. They cater directly to the immediate needs of the team and are constantly adapted as these needs evolve.

Because they are like miniature rooms, when you readjust your pod arrangement you are effectively re-creating the entire floor plan, all in a matter of hours, and all without interrupting work.

Like the perfectly private, perfectly acoustic prefabricated room, the pod takes less than a few hours to assemble, but unleashes reliable, consistent privacy, quality acoustics and office functionality in the face of change. At the end of your lease, if you choose to relocate, all your pods go with you, providing the same privacy, acoustics and functionality in the same minimal footprint.

office pod

A built room simply does not offer these same benefits. Let's break it down...

Because work pods are flexible in a way that built rooms are not, they deliver long-term returns in a way that rooms do not; work pods present a more solid business case. Work pods are also an easier and faster option.

Whereas your standard meeting room will fail after a few years, a conference pod adds value indefinitely because it is an asset you retain and can be relocated, adapted and resized as required. In other words, the completed room is a sunk cost, while the pod is an investment in the future.

Then there is the cost of attention. Framing, drywall, electrical, building and demolition walls, electrical, ventilation, sprinkler systems, soundproofing, furniture ...... Dozens of small decisions take weeks of attention away from other initiatives. Supervising contractors, getting permits, getting permission from landlords, commissioning building engineers or building managers, and getting final "approval" from safety professionals like fire marshals and building inspectors .... All of this takes time and effort. And during this involved process, employees on site can be distracted by commotion, noise, debris and dust. In addition, construction is often wasteful, even in the hands of professionals.

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