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04/ 19/ 2023
Flexspace 2023 new office pod!

I am thrilled to announce the grand opening of our brand-new office pod! Our sleek and modern workspaces have been upgraded with exciting new features to provide an even better working environment for all our colleagues. One of the most notable features of the updated office pod is the Height-adjus

02/ 29/ 2024
The Rise of Flexspace Office Pods in The Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is constantly evolving, with new trends and technologies shaping the way we work. One of the most exciting developments in recent years has been the rise of flexspace office pods. These versatile workspaces offer a flexible and collaborative alternative to traditional office env

11/ 25/ 2022
How to set up a partition in the office?

Office partition can be selected according to different needs of different types of office partition. Several commonly used office partition in office design are: door, window, elevator, office signs, wardrobe, cursor, computer screen and so on. The choice of office partition depends on a variety of

02/ 14/ 2023
5 ways in which office work pods are better than office buildings(2)

Pods and stands are a way of bypassing this construction hassle, stress and waste. They arrive in a matter of weeks and are assembled in a matter of hours, whereas a typical conference room can take months to plan and build. Of course, the build process can be delayed by weather, labour availability

02/ 10/ 2023
5 ways in which office work pods are better than office buildings(1)

Pods are like a clever variation on space design. They give offices a valuable degree of malleability. They are a flexible way of dividing up workspaces, allowing multiple areas to be created without rigid structural walls. Because they are mobile and/or modular, they make the entire layout feasible

08/ 16/ 2022
The psychology behind office design(3)

Incremental social density Perceptions of personal space and crowding were also studied at different social densities to test how the number of people in a space made us feel. Single rooms made people feel they had more space than they shared with others, but when we considered offices occupied by m

08/ 09/ 2022
The psychology behind office design(1)

When you choose a job, you choose a way of life. Work has a significant impact on our lives, while at the same time the quality of our working environment profoundly affects our health and well-being.In recent years, especially in open plan office environments, there has been an increasing focus on

07/ 18/ 2022
The 2022 office pod buying guide

While open plan office space has been around since the 1960s, it felt particularly timely with the entry of millennials into the workforce in 2010. They are cost effective for start-ups and new companies and feel more creative and anti-establishment.They are also more flexible and personable. The op

07/ 15/ 2022
How to choose a soundproof booth or phone booth in the office in 2022

As normal life resumes, offices are full again and telecommuting is becoming less and less common. Your office is noisy, your salespeople spend their time in the hallways, etc. Maybe it's time for an acoustic solution that allows you to bring in light while gaining privacy and acoustic comfort.So ho

06/ 30/ 2022
Office Pod Solution for Internet Company

Location: UruguayCompany: D local HQ office, GLOBANT HQ officeProject quantity: 50 setsCooperated with Tecnomadera Ltd, FlexSpace provided office pod solution for these two companies’ open workspace including phone booth, meeting pod. Apart from standard product, FlexSpace also offered customization

06/ 30/ 2022
Office Pod Solution for Design Company

Location: SingaporeCompany: C PLUS Design CenterProject quantity: 21 setsCooperated with C+ Design, FlexSpace provided office pod solution for these HQ office’ open workspace including phone booth,. Apart from standard product, FlexSpace also offered customization service as per special demands. For

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