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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

5 ways in which office work pods are better than office buildings(2)

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Pods and stands are a way of bypassing this construction hassle, stress and waste. They arrive in a matter of weeks and are assembled in a matter of hours, whereas a typical conference room can take months to plan and build. Of course, the build process can be delayed by weather, labour availability, material shortages and other factors beyond your control. The pods arrive on the delivery date, eager to be set up and used. Once assembled and plugged in, they are ready for use, with plug-and-play functionality ready to go to work immediately.

The pods are readily available and ready to work. The structural room is just a shell.

Configure. Ordering. Assemble. Get to work. Specifying and setting up new cabins is a breeze. They are a complete, all-in-one prefabricated solution. They are highly productive the moment they are installed

Excellent sound insulation and glass/hard walls guarantee instant privacy and good acoustics Adjustable ventilation and lighting guarantee immediate environmental comfort for the user Ergonomic furniture guarantees instant ease during longer calls, meetings, work sessions and video conferencing Power modules and desks ensure instant concentration. Built-in lighting, ventilation, power and sprinklers also mean that you don't need to work with building services - instead, your pod or kiosk is ready to work (literally). In short, pods are a quick solution, while the rooms built still need soundproofing, furniture and complete basic systems.

Pods are mobile and/or modular, making your workplace ready for anything. Hard walls are inflexible and limit what can happen.

Pods can easily be moved within an office space or from one building to another. A built room will not move. Just like any other office furniture, if you change the space, the pod will go with you. Your investment will continue to pay off for you, adding the same basic value and making your new space just as productive as your last one. Rooms, on the other hand, are left behind as a sunk cost; in the long run, your investment in the building is paying off for the landlord rather than for your organisation.

office pod

Pods are space efficient, whereas built-up space often leads to wasted space.

Pods are compact and can comfortably accommodate a specific number of people with no wasted space. And efficient use of space (space optimisation and management) is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs.

Modular pods like the Flexspace Pod can be scaled up or down in size to perfectly accommodate between 4 and 8 people. Such solutions are ideal in agile workplaces where employee needs and space parameters are always changing.

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