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7 flexible office space features and designs

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The huge popularity of COVID-19 has forced us to rethink new ways of working. These days, our workplaces and work styles feel more fluid, so it's no surprise that flexible office spaces are in demand.

At its simplest, flexible workspace is defined as a workspace that offers business owners fully equipped office space without the need for a long-term commitment in terms of lease term or contract terms. This type of multifunctional workspace solution comes with the necessary equipment such as desks and chairs, telephone lines and an internet connection. It allows employees who work from home or telecommute to have a physical office for a certain period of time.

Traditionally, employees spend most of their day at an allocated workstation within the company office. With a flexible office solution, the space allocation is not fixed, so companies can take advantage of a desk or mobile office.

office space

Flexible office space, covid-19 world

Before the big buzz, the conventional wisdom was that traditional offices were vital for productivity, culture and attracting the best talent. However, rent, capital costs, facility operations, maintenance and management made traditional office space an expensive investment. Fast forward to 2020 and priorities shift to working from home and 'collaboration' via video conferencing. Surprisingly, it's not all despair; employees rejoice in the loss of long commutes and enjoy a greater work/life balance. So, as we re-emerge from confinement, it's time to consider what best suits the changing needs of individual companies.

Great features that flexible workspaces can offer

1. Attractive lease terms

Flexible workspaces include flexible lease terms, from monthly memberships to long-term contracts Lease terms are more flexible and can be extended to suit the needs of the company. Rolling contracts are common, although many companies quickly see the advantages of these ready-to-use workspaces and stay for longer. Because flexible office solutions are readily available, mobile offices are seamless and stress-free, and notice periods are often shorter when you feel the need to move.

2. Flexible office space design

Great companies think about how they can improve the employee experience. Flexible workspaces offer great facilities and resources, first-class office design and are present in the best locations. They are designed to enhance the sense of community and influence employee motivation. If you spent most of last year working from your living room, it's exciting to step out of your home and into a professional environment.

Some of the cool things you might expect in a flexible workspace design are.

Third Place - This is a break room or lounge area. It could be a coffee area with vending machines, but generally it's a place to feel inspired and meet casually with colleagues and other like-minded professionals.

office design

Office pods and phone booths - The office pods are almost completely separate spaces, providing a private area for individual staff members to concentrate without noise. Like "rooms within rooms", many of them can even be moved around. If you need to make uninterrupted video calls or just focus on the task at hand, the office pods can provide some solace. Soundproof phone booths do a similar job, providing a private space to make important calls.

Reception areas - these are often unbranded and have a professional front desk team to greet any potential visitors. They are also equipped with concierge services, including mail handling, call forwarding etc.

Designated utility area - This area houses all necessary office items such as printers/copiers and unbranded stationery.

On-demand meeting and conference rooms - Meeting spaces include private breakout rooms and larger meeting rooms that can easily be reserved for off-site or client meetings when you need it and you don't have to pay for it when it's not in use. They often include technology such as video conferencing and screen sharing.

Wet pantry - this area includes a place to take free coffee from the machine and clean it afterwards. Wet pantries are often a feature of flexible offices, but are not commonly found in traditional offices in smaller companies.

Rooftop terraces - a breath of air and a quick break can relax and inspire, so these open-air areas are on the rise.

Flexible workspaces offer a host of benefits, including workspaces equipped with all the technology and facilities you need, and flexible lease terms. Good companies want an environment that promotes collaboration and productivity, so with a little bit of transformation in mind, flexible workspaces can offer a very attractive solution.

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