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10/ 09/ 2023
Enhancing Office Pods: Unleashing the Potential

Office pods have revolutionized the modern workplace by providing versatile spaces for different purposes such as phone booths, meeting rooms, and break areas. However, simply considering them as functional spaces with furniture additions undermines their potential. By incorporating creative embel

12/ 30/ 2022
5 reasons why offices choose to install Pods

It is well known that privacy preserves are revolutionising the modern office, providing a stress-free environment for workers, away from the busy life of desks and open plan offices. There are many reasons why privacy reserves are excellent, and we will cover them in this article, but it is safe to

12/ 27/ 2022
Why office pod is good for productivity

Working from home may seem like the ultimate way for some people to make a living, but the reality is that you often run into problems. These include: not having enough space for a dedicated office, using rooms with other functions (the living room is one of the worst), constant reminders of chores

09/ 20/ 2022
8 of the best phone booths and meeting rooms for flexible working(2)

5. Zenbooth Zenbooth has a complete set of work area phone booths. the Zenbooth Solo costs US$3,795 and the Zenbooth Duo US$7,995. But if you need a conference room, you can choose the Zenbooth Quad, which can accommodate up to six people and costs US$13,995.It is soundproofed to keep your conversat

07/ 12/ 2022
7 flexible office space features and designs

The huge popularity of COVID-19 has forced us to rethink new ways of working. These days, our workplaces and work styles feel more fluid, so it's no surprise that flexible office spaces are in demand.At its simplest, flexible workspace is defined as a workspace that offers business owners fully equi

FlexSpace revolutionizes the open office with state-of-the-art spaces designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and collaboration.




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