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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

A guide to choosing the right office space (2)

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2. Business location

Does office location matter? The answer is yes. Therefore, new office locationsshould be at the top of the priority list in this office space guide.

A few decades ago, this location might not have been as important as it is today. Some might argue that business location may not matter, especially now that many people are working remotely. But in addition to making it easier for employees who report to the office, it's also a vital branding strategy.

The business location you choose reflects your company's image, brand and credibility. This is a key factor in attracting potential customers and maintaining existing customer relationships.

Consider this: If your business is located in Silicon Valley, it will instantly connect your brand with some of the best tech companies in the world. In this case, location does matter! Aside from the obvious benefits of convenience and accessibility for employees and visitors, it says a lot about your company culture.

That's why Compass Offices has selected the highest quality commercial and commercial locations with our serviced offices. We have prepared a guide to the office hierarchy system in Hong Kong to help you match office locations to the type of business you have and the impression you want to create from clients and potential business partners/clients.

Compass offices in Hong Kong have been carefully selected to keep your business at the forefront of business and commercial activities in prime Hong Kong locations such as Sheung Wan, Central, Admiralty and Causeway Bay.

Also, you have to consider the type of industry your business is in so you can choose your office space accordingly. For example, financial services companies must look for Class A office locations with high-end IT solutions and facilities. It reflects your business standards and the potential customers you may attract.

Additionally, if your cash flow is tight and a serviced office is not suitable for your current setup, you can choose to choose a virtual office from Compass Offices. You can enjoy a variety of virtual office packages, depending on what you need to keep your business running. All of these virtual office solutions provide you with a network of IT support and business centers across different locations in the Asia Pacific region.

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3. Price

Price is another most important factor to consider when looking for office space. This is where some of the disadvantages of traditional office long-term leases become apparent. If you're on a long-term lease, how can you afford to rent when your sales drop? It does not offer the same type of flexibility as a serviced office when it comes to renting out office space on demand.

This is especially true for startups. Your risk tolerance may be lower than in larger, more established businesses. So your decisions are more cost-sensitive because you're trying to stretch the value of your budget. If you are a startup, it is not wise to spend too much money to ensure a stable cash flow.

Having said that, serviced offices are cost-effective because you only pay for the space you need, when you need it. What's more, serviced offices are equipped with the necessary office infrastructure and amenities, so when you're just starting out, there's not a single thing to worry about.

The best part about a serviced office is that there are no hidden costs. You only pay for the services and facilities you use, especially since many of these flexible workspaces feature pay-as-you-go services and facilities.

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