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11/ 09/ 2023
What Are The Advantages of The Flexsapce Room-in-room?

Versatility: Room in room products offer a range of multi-functional characteristics suitable for various purposes, such as functioning as a small study, bedroom, recreation room, shared independent office, conference room, rehearsal studio, or lounge. This bitty or compact total plan ensures adapta

10/ 07/ 2022
A guide to choosing the right office space (3)

4. Office size Office size is an often overlooked factor, as cost and new office locations tend to be higher on everyone's priority list. However, scale does matter because it directly affects employee productivity.While there is no exact scientific basis for this, you can determine the right office

10/ 04/ 2022
A guide to choosing the right office space (2)

2. Business location Does office location matter? The answer is yes. Therefore, new office locationsshould be at the top of the priority list in this office space guide.A few decades ago, this location might not have been as important as it is today. Some might argue that business location may not m

08/ 04/ 2022
Small meeting room in the office - transformation of a vacant space(2)

Build your own with dividers With the rapid spread of disease, it's vital to take precautions in office design. If your boss hasn't already divided your office into cubicles, you can do it yourself. Office partitions have become the new normal since the pandemic swept the world.So add some office de

FlexSpace revolutionizes the open office with state-of-the-art spaces designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and collaboration.




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