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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

A wide range of functions for different scenarios in office pods

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Mobile phones and conference booths are becoming increasingly popular both within offices and in certain public places that allow users to work instantly. The Flex Office and remote working symbolise the new normal of work. It is transforming the traditional office space with more shared desk areas as well as smaller meeting and focus areas.

The use of workspace pods or cubicles provides employees or users with more comfort and privacy in a soundproof environment. With meeting pods and call booths, companies can easily install or remove them to suit the needs of your employees, so they can save money on office design and construction and have more flexibility in office remodelling.

The Framery is the world's leading soundproof interconnected pod, featuring state-of-the-art technology and comfort. The Framery offers quiet and private office phone booths and meeting booths. This ensures that your employees are productive and satisfied using these soundproof pods. It's easier to focus on their tasks when they're not distracted.

Room offers a different design of specially designed rooms. It allows companies to take advantage of affordable, flexible and sustainable alternatives to traditional work areas. You can choose from telephone booths, focus rooms, meeting rooms and open plan conference rooms.

Poppin is another great player in the phone booth market. Their PoppinPod comes with a plug to ensure you can use it to charge your device or has a built-in power outlet. A phone kiosk starts at $4,999 and you can choose whether you want a seated or standing PoppinPod.

office pod

One of the best private phone booths with hygiene features you can equip your staff with, especially useful after the Covid crisis of 2020. Indeed, their booths are equipped with UVC germicidal lights to protect your team. You can equip monitors, sliding doors, etc. with sound and light-visible privacy mounts!

TalkBox always includes USB and standard charging stations, ventilation and lighting. It has many more features than previous phone booth workspaces. You can also ensure that it is well designed and spacious to make your people feel comfortable. Additional features such as turnkey solutions, custom graphic wraps, enhanced privacy glass, liver air filtration and monitor or laptop mounts are available to maximise your booth experience.

Keeping conversations private is soundproof. The telephone booth will allow you to adjust the height of your transaction. You can also stay cool as the ventilation also adds to your comfort. It comes with floodlights, is very spacious and can be returned within 30 days if you are not satisfied. You can enjoy its features such as the integrated dimmable LED lighting, height-adjustable desk and the breeze ventilation system.

Thinktanks is different from other workspace phone booth companies. They are restoring the open office space. This private office booth is transparent, but you can rest assured that conversations remain private. It will help your team to be more productive as this quiet workspace will not distract you.

It is soundproofed so you can enjoy peace and quiet while you work. One, two, four and more spaces available. This booth is thermostatically ventilated, so you can stay comfortable while you work.

Having an office phone booth in the workplace can reduce stress and bring a sense of well-being. We feel freer and more confident when our colleagues are not overhearing private conversations, or when we have the option to leave the noise behind.

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