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12/ 13/ 2022
Do you understand the pros and cons of open plan offices? (3)

The open workspace was originally designed to boost morale and encourage teamwork, which requires employees to be closer to the people they work with regularly, preferably sitting together. But Nicole says that if people are too close together, it can be socially awkward and some people choose to be

10/ 13/ 2022
A wide range of functions for different scenarios in office pods

Mobile phones and conference booths are becoming increasingly popular both within offices and in certain public places that allow users to work instantly. The Flex Office and remote working symbolise the new normal of work. It is transforming the traditional office space with more shared desk areas

10/ 11/ 2022
3 different uses of office pods

Some office managers and business owners ask, "Are meeting pods just an intriguing startup workplace design idea, or do they really add to the bottom line?"To answer this question, just look at the facts. Open office research consistently shows that employees prefer privacy. It also shows that it's

09/ 20/ 2022
8 of the best phone booths and meeting rooms for flexible working(2)

5. Zenbooth Zenbooth has a complete set of work area phone booths. the Zenbooth Solo costs US$3,795 and the Zenbooth Duo US$7,995. But if you need a conference room, you can choose the Zenbooth Quad, which can accommodate up to six people and costs US$13,995.It is soundproofed to keep your conversat

07/ 18/ 2022
The 2022 office pod buying guide

While open plan office space has been around since the 1960s, it felt particularly timely with the entry of millennials into the workforce in 2010. They are cost effective for start-ups and new companies and feel more creative and anti-establishment.They are also more flexible and personable. The op

FlexSpace revolutionizes the open office with state-of-the-art spaces designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and collaboration.




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