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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

Acoustic experiences of different office pods

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Office work pods are like mobile, acoustically perfect rooms. They work well because they are task-specific - each pod is built for a specific task, whether it's a phone call, a video conference, or a team meeting. They make sense for agile organisations that need to remain flexible and functional in the face of change.

Those who haven't actually been in an office pod have a burning question ......

What do soundproof office pods actually sound like? Are they 100% soundproof? Very quiet? Do they feel like ...... A vacuum? Isolated? What sounds can I hear on the office floor outside when I'm in the pod? Let's say I'm in a meeting with my team inside - can my colleagues outside hear any of the conversation?

All important questions. Let's get some clarity.

The acoustic experience of the office work pod - the key takeaway.

office pod

The pods are quiet, but not too quiet. They allow sound of around 40 decibels to penetrate their interior space from the open floor. Why 40 decibels? It has been scientifically proven that 40 decibels is the appropriate volume (decibel level) for concentration. It is a peaceful volume, as pleasant as birdsong.

When you are in a pod, the chatter on the floor outside is heard as a dull murmur. At the same time, the conversations inside the pod stay inside the pod.

Although they are self-contained, the pods are pleasant rather than isolated. They are spacious and comfortable, well ventilated and airy. They give you a lovely degree of separation from the floor. Their furniture is comfortable and they are functional.

The first thing is. The pods are quiet, but not too quiet.

Absolute silence is actually unnatural and unhealthy for humans. Also, about 40 decibels is ideal.

40 decibels is the sweet spot.

It is scientifically proven to be a suitable volume (decibel level) for concentration. It is as pleasant as bird song. It is "just right". Quiet but not too quiet.

When you're in the pod, the chatter on the floor outside is heard as a dull murmur.

It's like a muffled buzz that feels natural - diffuse and soothing. In other words, the pods turn distracting noise into a soft ambient sound.

What does 40dB sound like?

A gentle stream. A peaceful library. The purr of a refrigerator. As mentioned above, 40dB is faint, making it calming for humans and supporting deep concentration.

Want to learn more about decibels, frequencies and the behaviour of sound waves? Office acoustics. STC?NIC?ISO 23351-1:2020?Acoustic partitions and office pod ratings explained.

Next point: conversations that take place in the office pod will remain in the office pod.

Its high-quality particleboard, glass, foam and fabric are intricately layered to ensure the privacy of speech. Conversations held in such a pod will remain in the pod.

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