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03/ 03/ 2023
How to place acoustic phone booths to optimise your workspace

Telephone boxes and kiosks have become very popular over the last few years. Unfortunately, there are a few rumours about them... Telephone booths are said to be reserved for large open spaces. Furthermore, these phone booths are said to be magic: wherever and however they are installed, they can re

11/ 25/ 2022
Enclosed office or open plan office

Are you ready to hang out with your colleagues all day every day? Or do you miss the office pod or cubicle even when you go home in the evening? It's safe to say that there are no haircuts, no sleek designs and no one type of office layout that works for everyone. That's why we wanted to find out wh

11/ 22/ 2022
Acoustic experiences of different office pods

Office work pods are like mobile, acoustically perfect rooms. They work well because they are task-specific - each pod is built for a specific task, whether it's a phone call, a video conference, or a team meeting. They make sense for agile organisations that need to remain flexible and functional i

07/ 05/ 2022
7 ideas for hybrid office layouts

Hybrid work is the way of the future and it's here to stay. A hybrid workplace design gives you a competitive edge and having the option of hybrid work is a top priority for job seekers. This is particularly true of educated and skilled workers, a difficult group to recruit and retain.A hybrid appro

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