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Colours to add productivity to your office

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Blue is one of the best colours for increasing productivity. It is a stable and calming colour that helps workers to concentrate on the task at hand, making it a suitable tone for the main office wall. However, blue also has the effect of slowing the heart rate and reducing appetite, so it's best not to have blue uniforms for restaurant staff - unless it's an all-you-can-eat restaurant.


If your work is particularly physically demanding, then red, which speeds up breathing and heart rate and raises blood pressure, is ideal as it gives you the illusion of time passing more quickly and increases speed. Red also has an appetite boosting effect and is suitable for use in restaurants.


Yellow makes you feel positive, strengthens concentration and stimulates creativity. For companies whose work is closely linked to inspiration, a room painted yellow is suitable. Be careful, however, as it is too bright and can cause eye fatigue, and studies have shown that people in yellow rooms are more likely to lose their temper.


Green and blue are two of nature's most common colours, always reminiscent of nature and new life. Companies that work particularly long hours are particularly well suited to painting their offices green, as this reduces eye strain and helps to keep them calm and productive. Many television stations paint their actors' lounges green because it is calming and relaxing.


White is a particularly popular colour in interiors as it can easily be combined with any colour. It is often used in production areas, small rooms and corridors as it makes the room bright and spacious and inspires employees to be optimistic and naturally active.


Orange and yellow are two colours that energise and inspire enthusiasm in the office. They are ideal for companies that want to feel energised and enthusiastic. These colours are also ideal for break rooms, bathrooms and staff dining rooms.

office design

Cool colours for office areas

In the employee's office area it is important to choose to dress it up in cooler shades so that we can put everyone in a calmer state and keep the brain more calm. So we can produce a higher level of work content. And what about the fact that it will also make everyone feel that time passes more quickly and that they will not often have the feeling of why they are not off work yet?

After observation, we can find that in some factories, some places with assembly lines. Most of them are dressed up in cool colours, which is to make the employees feel that time is passing quickly and to keep everyone in a calm state.

Dressing pantries, break areas with warm colours

Similarly, when dressing pantries and breakout areas, use warm colours. This is because in such an environment it is easy to be in a good state of mind, and it also makes people feel that time is passing more slowly. So what about the illusion of time that will not linger too long in here, thus delaying the work content.

We will find that in some fast food restaurants, most of them are dressed up in warm colours, because this will increase the rate of turning over tables, which means that they will increase the speed of eating.

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