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01/ 09/ 2023
What makes up an efficient meeting room environment? (2)

Layout of meeting spaces‍You have a lot of choice when it comes to meeting room layouts. You don't have to stick to a traditional meeting room set-up, with a table around chairs. In fact, you can even keep the space flexible.There are many layouts to choose from. As meeting rooms are often used in a

10/ 24/ 2022
5 Key Benefits of office pods

Office pods are an important part of the modern open plan office. However, if you are considering buying an office pod for your workplace and are unsure of their benefits or where to buy one, keep reading the article and you will find the answer.Office pods contain desks which usually have 3-4 sides

10/ 21/ 2022

Overwhelmed work seating pods One of the reasons why employees reduce the number of tasks they complete in open spaces is the feeling of overstimulation or sensory overload. When people, especially introverts, are overwhelmed by too much noise or activity, they become distracted and therefore unprod

09/ 12/ 2022
Colours to add productivity to your office

BlueBlue is one of the best colours for increasing productivity. It is a stable and calming colour that helps workers to concentrate on the task at hand, making it a suitable tone for the main office wall. However, blue also has the effect of slowing the heart rate and reducing appetite, so it's bes

07/ 18/ 2022
The 2022 office pod buying guide

While open plan office space has been around since the 1960s, it felt particularly timely with the entry of millennials into the workforce in 2010. They are cost effective for start-ups and new companies and feel more creative and anti-establishment.They are also more flexible and personable. The op

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