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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

Enclosed office or open plan office

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Are you ready to hang out with your colleagues all day every day? Or do you miss the office pod or cubicle even when you go home in the evening? It's safe to say that there are no haircuts, no sleek designs and no one type of office layout that works for everyone. That's why we wanted to find out which office layout would best support your team's happiness and productivity.

An enclosed office is also known as an enclosed office or private office. In this layout, private cupboards, cubicles and panels are used to keep each person physically and mentally isolated from the surrounding team members. This usually results in better opportunities for concentration.

On the other hand, an open plan office is a space where highly private areas are kept to a minimum. This does not mean that the open plan office descends into a huge room filled with desks. Open plan offices can still have meeting pods or allocated locations. Low-level cubicle design is also not an uncommon situation. Open plan offices are often seen as an important tool for collaboration, but are also frowned upon for providing too many distractions.

Everywhere is energy. If a large part of your company or strategy relies on teamwork, the generation of new ideas and the constant mixing or joining up of junior and senior staff, then an open environment can provide a range of benefits to directly support that goal. But interaction between teams is exactly what it sounds like: interaction. Communication implies noise. 

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And noise? is one of the biggest productivity killers in open plan offices. There are famous stories of employees quitting because they can't concentrate, or because their role in the team requires privacy at least once a day. Imagine how many people would be happier and more productive if their office only had an office phone booth or a privacy box? Silence can really make a difference.

We believe that we can focus our efforts by keeping the following principles in mind. All projects have different needs throughout their lifecycle. For example, it is often quicker and easier to present ideas in a team, but the implementation phase or even the next step in the process can easily benefit from time spent in the privacy pane.

The good news is that many architects who have designed outstanding corporate offices say that the most effective open plans include plenty of meeting pods, office phone booths and private areas for concentration. So by focusing on what stage the project is at and who in the team needs the most attention, everyone can flourish.

Ultimately, the productivity of your employees will determine not only the atmosphere of your office, but also the success of your business. The most important factor in determining productivity is the ability to work and focus.

All great teams are made up of different people, each of whom brings their own unique thinking and skills to the table. Not all requirements can be met by one particular design. While some employees thrive in open plan offices, others can always work better in more private spaces and meeting pods, so discovering the perfect balance between productivity and collaboration may just be the key to making everyone's lives happier.

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