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How to place acoustic phone booths to optimise your workspace

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Telephone boxes and kiosks have become very popular over the last few years. Unfortunately, there are a few rumours about them... Telephone booths are said to be reserved for large open spaces. Furthermore, these phone booths are said to be magic: wherever and however they are installed, they can restore calm and confidentiality to your office.

First of all, we will tell you that phone booths allow you to optimise floor space. They can therefore easily be integrated into any room and improve space management. In the second step, we will give you some tips on how to position them correctly. This way, your employees can use them regularly and feel comfortable.

Phone booths save space for everyone

At first glance, this office may not seem to have the capacity to accommodate a phone box, a phone booth or an acoustic conference room, let alone a new workstation or a new space dedicated to staff welfare ......

Meeting rooms are no longer fashionable when you know that 97% of the time, meetings are held between two and three people and 100% of them are built to accommodate more than six people. It's a waste of space and we can do without it! In 2022 it's time to replace your traditional meeting rooms with acoustic meeting rooms that are too cumbersome and rarely used.

Phone booths and phone pods, magical but only under certain conditions

No, phone boxes aren't exactly magical. If you put them far away from your employees, where no one wants to go, no one will use them.

The correct positioning of telephone boxes and kiosks will inevitably vary depending on your needs and the space you have available. A phone booth can quickly become useless and completely ignored by its users. A phone booth can be very effective on its own, but if it is not strategically placed, you may miss out on the experience. As manufacturers and sellers of phone booths, these situations break our hearts... We certainly don't want this to happen to you.

open work place

Place the cabin according to the needs of your employees

Not all your employees have the same needs: some prefer to be in a quiet place to concentrate more, while others prefer an open space to facilitate communication and teamwork. These needs vary according to personality, but also according to each individual's job and tasks. It cannot be stressed enough: listening to your employees and ensuring their well-being is paramount. Phone booths are clearly part of this approach and are useful for everyone in all situations!

Determine which group(s) of employees need it most. Is it those who work in a quiet and focused manner? In this case, a telephone booth is very useful for conducting private calls and meetings without disturbing your employees. Depending on your team, a soundproof booth may be better suited to a collaborative space. A few phone booths are always welcome in an open space in order to isolate yourself from the noise, restlessness and other members of the team when making calls or having meetings that do not concern our employees.

Finally, it makes sense to observe and analyse the main flows in your workspace before deciding on the location of the phone booths. Which are the most frequently used routes. Employees need to pass by the phone booth and it needs to be close to them for them to make the effort to use it. Try to understand which area they will naturally walk towards when they are on the phone or need to get away from it all.

The location of the phone booth will also affect your comfort level in the sound booth. If you want to be comfortable, it is best to place it in a brightly lit area. This advice applies particularly to telephone booths with only one transparent wall and three opaque walls. A dark telephone booth can quickly become confusing and this is really not the effect you want! On the other hand, a phone booth with two glass walls is usually more comfortable for the user, as light penetrates more easily and feels better.

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