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How to set up a partition in the office?

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Office partition can be selected according to different needs of different types of office partition. Several commonly used office partition in office design are: door, window, elevator, office signs, wardrobe, cursor, computer screen and so on. The choice of office partition depends on a variety of factors, such as in the office, time is sufficient, frequent communication, the need for a large room of the office can choose a closed large cabinet, cabinet door design can open and close the open line of open door; And the office number is small, personnel flow is not big, the work is simple and the cost is small, you can choose the light partition screen, the wall panel is reasonable, the door panel type is mostly wooden, the color should not be too transparent. Different types of office partitions can also be used in office recreation areas, swimming pools, etc. For example: the work area is closed space wardrobe, partition; The pool is landscaped balcony or glass platform, can see the distant scenery at any time.


When the office is used in different scenarios, you can select different types of office partitions. Such as customer consultation room, product promotion window, internal office documents, customer environment and all kinds of confidential documents. It should be noted here that different offices need to use different types of office partition to distinguish different target objects, such as, when it is necessary to ask customers, should point to the office asking each other or disturb each other's office hours. There are also cases where it is necessary to distinguish between different service objects: business attendants, customer service personnel, administrative staff, etc. If the enterprise holds a meeting in the conference room, when there is a customer visit, if the customer in the office, the colleagues in the conference room can not cover up the identity in front of the customer, so it needs different types of office partition to protect themselves; If you meet customers in the elevator, you need to use different types of office partitions to distinguish between different customers.


The role of office partition is many, but the main role is to divide the office area and other objects, such as office area and secretary lounge can be divided into office area and secretary lounge; Another widely used example is dividing the office area into three zones: A1, A2, and A3. Areas A1 are mainly for office staff, and Areas A2 and A3 are for secretarial lounge staff. Either the office area or the secretary lounge can be divided into a number of areas, so that the convenience of everyone's office hours to do less delay. Office partitions used in different scenarios can also play their own roles. First, there are many kinds of office partitions, which can be divided into different intervals according to their different ways of functioning. If the office area, secretary lounge, corridor and other different locations are set up in the office, so that the office area and secretary lounge can be better isolated, and it is more convenient to complete the task that needs a long working time. Second, according to different needs for separation, such as need more information or need more people, you can choose suitable office space division, more office space. For workers who need more voice signals, a barrier can be used to easily communicate information. Third, the same time and place can also be achieved by partition. By dividing a variety of educational Spaces in the office, such as the library or training room, to facilitate the leisure time of employees. In addition, it is possible to set up a variety of rest rooms in the office, depending on the season, holidays or weather changes.

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