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Is Office Pod safe after COVID-19? (1)

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Trends in workplace design are rapidly accelerating towards flexible hybrid offices. Prior to COVID-19, work pods and cubicles in offices were sought after refuges to avoid distractions. Silence and privacy were required for focused work and uninterrupted video conferencing. Now, in the post-COVID world, the same office pods are the ideal place to keep your employees away from the coronavirus.

Few things can get you into a padded wall faster than worrying about whether something you've just touched might be infected. And it certainly doesn't help when that particular colleague takes a sniff every time they pass your desk after a toilet break.

Workstations, such as semi-enclosed workrooms, soundproof office phone booths and work pods, give employees a controlled environment where a sense of security can help them focus on the task at hand. If everyone and their dog is having zooming video conferences with clients and colleagues who work from home, then a workroom is essential. But is the workroom safe?


Quality phone booths and work pods should have the option of including air ventilation and treatment systems that guarantee a high rate of fresh air exchange.

"Simply put, the more fresh air in a building, the better. Bringing in this air dilutes any contaminants in the building, whether they are viruses or something else, and reduces exposure to the people inside," says Professor Shelley Miller of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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How to keep your office phone booth or work bay safe, clean and healthy during COVID-19


One of the best ways to protect your staff during a pandemic is to establish a solid set of ground rules for the use of office cubicles and pods.

Implement an office pod booking system. If you already have a meeting room booking system, name your office pods and add them to that system. This will ensure traceability and allow your cleaning staff to schedule four 15-minute wipes per day. A neat booking solution.

Put a portable hygiene station at the door, complete with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser. This will give your staff the ability to protect themselves. As a matter of policy, make it mandatory for employees to wipe down door handles, plug sockets, desk surfaces and the armrests of office chairs as they enter.

If the ventilation system does not add enough fresh air, prop the door open with a door stop between users. Leaving the door open will help to dilute any contaminants that may be present in the air.

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