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Is Office Pod safe after COVID-19? (2)

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Cleaning and cleaning staff

Pandemics can be a difficult time for cleaning crews. Tasks like cleaning the windows of work cabins used to be a once-a-week or even once-a-month job. Now, they are being asked to do it multiple times a day. Make sure they have the right tools, such as a high-quality window squeegee, which will make the task quick and easy.

Your cleaning staff should also be equipped with comfortable masks, gloves and overalls that can be washed every day.

Ensure that custodial staff are briefed on the essential items to be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Door handles, lift buttons and microwaves are all items that multiple people touch several times a day and should be cleaned frequently.

Only one cleaner should be assigned to clean a specific work area and a specific workroom. This is to ensure traceability. If someone in the accounting team tests positive for COVID, a roaming cleaner could spread the virus to other parts of the building. By assigning a cleaner to an area, the likelihood of the virus being present elsewhere is reduced.

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Chemical disinfectants

Use special cleaners for electronics and screens. Not many people know this, but wiping down your laptop screen or monitor with any disinfectant is a bad idea. Many monitors are coated to prevent glare, which can be an expensive mistake if accidentally wiped down with the wrong chemicals. Be sure to tell your people so they don't damage your equipment.

Portable sanitation stations equipped with disinfectant wipes and disinfectant should be available in most high-traffic areas of your office. It's also a good idea to keep one by the door of the phone booth.

Leave a spray bottle with surface disinfectant in each phone booth and pod. Employees will be able to spray the surfaces before they start work.

Disinfectant sprayers come in many different sizes, from devices mounted on industrial harnesses to a spray bottle. A simple spray bottle with a nozzle can effectively disinfect the air and surfaces throughout the stand. However, inhaling a germicide every day is not exactly the best idea. Be sure that the ventilation system in your pod will replace the air before the next occupant uses it.

Ultraviolet lighting

Germicidal lamps use UV-C in the 260 nm frequency range to break down DNA, RNA and organic membranes. Hospitals have been using UV light for years to kill viruses and bacteria.

Push a high-powered UV lamp into your office work bay between users to disinfect air and surfaces in a single pass.

Using a hand-held UV lamp requires protective clothing and a face shield. UV lamps that disinfect the entire room should only be used when there are no employees around. Good quality systems are remotely controlled and have proximity and motion sensors that turn off the light if someone enters the area.

UV lamps are an effective way of disinfecting without the need to constantly wipe down surfaces with chemicals. There are no toxic fumes and the one-off investment can significantly reduce the amount you spend on chemicals.

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