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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

Small meeting room in the office - transformation of a vacant space(2)

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Build your own with dividers

With the rapid spread of disease, it's vital to take precautions in office design. If your boss hasn't already divided your office into cubicles, you can do it yourself. Office partitions have become the new normal since the pandemic swept the world.

So add some office design cubicle dividers to your designated space without changing the entire layout. There are several partitions on the market today that do not require you to build concrete dividers. You can use.

1. decorative shoji partitions that provide you with beautiful office design dividers and plenty of lighting

2. acoustic and light-proof zipped panels

3. style dividers

office design

Examples of inspiring office design cubicles

Office design cubicles can boost staff morale and make their working hours short and enjoyable. Here are some inspiring office designs.

9*12 private enclosed cubicles

Divide your office design cubicles into small compartments with privacy. This modularity is flexible and can be adapted to any workspace. The partitions act as glass blocks throughout the top floor, with modern aluminium trim and a choice of over 20 fabric panel colours.

Modular cubicle desk system for 12 people

The 12-person modular cubicle desk system is the famous round or rectangular design of the cubicles. It separates 12 workers at a time and keeps them at a sufficient social distance. It has glass or wooden table partitions.

Matrix Panel System

The Matrix Panel System is a technically proficient cubicle that is attractive and affordable. It has ample planning space and a variety of tiling options such as veneered glass, stained steel, laminate, whiteboard, foldable acoustic fabric and embossed metal.

8 - Station Cabinet System

This is an elegant affordable cubicle with quality materials and features. 8-Station Cabinet Systems are available in 65", 39" and 52" and measure 2.5" thick. The compartment has hidden data and electrical integration. It gives you the option to add tampering top glass panels to separate up to eight workers at a time. Cubicles are available in a variety of home colour fabrics for office design and acoustic design.

COVID-19 Isolation

COVID-19 Isolation is the latest cubicle and new specification. They usually have a social distance of 1 metre or more and can only accommodate one person per cubicle.


Office design cubicles have made their way into offices today. Businesses are now ditching outdated and boring spaces by integrating stylish and simple cubicles.

With the explosion of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is much needed. Cubicles bring much-needed social distance and protect the health of employees. It also provides privacy and a peaceful working environment.

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