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The Top 10 Sales Pods In 2022 (1)

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Recently, sales pods have become insanely popular within offices and even in some public areas. The great thing about sales pods is that they are transforming traditional office spaces into more communal desk areas, small meeting areas, and focused spaces. If you are interested in getting some for your office, you might be looking for the top 10 sales pods in 2022!

Sales pods are a simple and cost-effective method to provide the privacy that employees need in an open-plan office to stay productive. Looking at the top office sales pod companies' list is the simplest way to figure out which one is best for your company. Some of the best are Framery, Room, Poppin, FlexSpace, Zenbooth, Orangebox, Thinktanks, and TalkBox.

Now you should have a quick idea about where you should start your hunt for the best sales pod for your office. If you are curious to know a bit more about these sales pod companies, let us get into a bit more detail! In the rest of the article, we will share the list of the top 10 sales pod companies and all there is to know about them. Let's jump right ahead!

Top 10 Sales Pod Companies For Your Office

Sales pods or booths provide your employees and users with the utmost privacy, comfort, and soundproof environment. They also allow businesses to save money on office design and construction. In addition, you can be more flexible with your workplace transformations as well since sales pods are super easy to install and remove based on the demands of your employees.

Just like open-plan offices, sales pods aren’t a new thing either. Because they have grown so much in popularity, various companies compete in the market to provide us with the best sales pods there are. Among them, let us take a look at a list of the top 10 companies –

1. Framery


If you've done your research on office sales pods and phone booths, then you must’ve heard of Framery. This company is the world's leading manufacturer of soundproof connected pods with cutting-edge technology and comfort.

The Framery's sales pods, meeting rooms, and phone booths all provide a sense of privacy and quietness like no other. These soundproof pods will ensure that you and your staff are all the more productive and satisfied. When your employees are not distracted, it's easier for them to focus on their duties.

The Framery has a wide variety of silent sales pods. The cost typically ranges from $8,000 to $17,000 depending on the location and interior design.

2. Room


The Room is the global provider of the highest quality soundproofed office sales pods, phone booths, and meeting pods. This company serves more than 3,000 clients worldwide, including names such as Apple, Google, Walmart, Salesforce, NASA, and many more.

The Room offers various designs of rooms built for specific purposes. This enables businesses to take advantage of flexible, affordable, and sustainable alternatives to traditional workspaces. The options include a focus room, meeting room, phone booth, open meeting room, and much more.

The Room provides a plug-and-play installation that you can easily add to any existing space. All the pods are designed to be sustainable, which makes them incredibly futuristic. The cost starts as low as $4,395 and goes up depending on the type of design and workspace you choose.

3. Orangebox


The Orangebox’s award-winning Air acoustic pod series can work as a meeting room, phone booth, or even a private workspace. They keep all your conversations perfectly private, so you will never have to worry about others listening in on your meetings.

Unlike other privacy booths, Orangebox’s Air has interchangeable panels that you can swap out to give it a new look. The power option on top comes with various features like a monitor bracket, a magnetic whiteboard, and many others. You can choose any dimension to meet your company’s needs. To check the price of sales pods, you need to request them through their website.

4. Poppin


Poppin is another company you should look out for if you’re interested in buying sales pods. The PoppinPod comes equipped with various pods so you can charge your smartphone or use it as a power outlet. The price starts at $4,999 for a single pod. You can choose between a seated PoppinPod or a standing one.

You can also get a PoppinPod Kolo, which comes in a huge variety of designs and can be used as a solo phone booth or even as a meeting room. These come in a price range of $9,999 to $14,799. These pods are the easiest way to expand your office without any distractions from construction.

5. FlexSpace


With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, FlexSpace has the perfect professional team to provide for all your needs. All their products reach the market only after passing a huge variety of certification systems. As a result, any product you receive will be of the highest quality. They mainly offer two lines of pods – the M pod and the S pod, whose price ranges from $1,999 to $ 3,999.

While the S Pod is designed with individualized work-sessions in mind, the M Pod is designed with collaborative meetings in mind. Their pods come with advanced sound insulators between double steel walls, inner acoustic panels, and laminated double pane glass. Such features protect your privacy from eavesdropping and keep you comfortable as you work!

The best part is that all their pods are perfectly customizable to meet your needs. So you can choose between multiple color options and different features, including power options, displays, whiteboards, and beautiful designs.  All the pods are designed to be sustainable, which makes them incredibly futuristic.

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