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01/ 03/ 2023
Installing pods in the office to improve staff productivity

The open plan office space has long been popular, and while it may have a sense of community and togetherness, it also has its drawbacks.Let's look at some of the distractions of the current open plan office and then consider the benefits of appointing a professional window and door installation com

12/ 02/ 2022
The difference between meeting rooms and meeting pods

Almost every workplace has at least one meeting room.This is the main multifunctional necessity after desk space and coffee spots. Whether it's for board meetings, private conversations, social spaces or quiet work areas, they are popular workspaces and always seem to be occupied. However, recently

11/ 10/ 2022
The Top 10 Sales Pods In 2022 (2)

6. ZenboothZenbooth offers a complete line of sales pods that you can use in the workplace. The Zenbooth Solo comes at a price point of $3,795 and the Zenbooth Duo comes at $7,995. If you want a meeting room, the Zenbooth Quad might be an ideal option. This pod seats up to six people and costs $13,9

11/ 08/ 2022
The Top 10 Sales Pods In 2022 (1)

Recently, sales pods have become insanely popular within offices and even in some public areas. The great thing about sales pods is that they are transforming traditional office spaces into more communal desk areas, small meeting areas, and focused spaces. If you are interested in getting some for y

11/ 04/ 2022
Office pod shopping guide

Whether you are redesigning your office, looking to optimise the space available or must adapt your office to meet social evacuation rules, an office pod is a great solution.Ideal for optimising privacy and reducing noise disturbance, office pods can offer many benefits in a variety of office enviro

10/ 18/ 2022

Meeting pods are an in-house room-in-room solution. They are self-contained units that allow you to easily place a meeting room within your open plan office space. They are enclosed, providing privacy and a space where you can collaborate and communicate without distracting from the wider office.The

10/ 11/ 2022
3 different uses of office pods

Some office managers and business owners ask, "Are meeting pods just an intriguing startup workplace design idea, or do they really add to the bottom line?"To answer this question, just look at the facts. Open office research consistently shows that employees prefer privacy. It also shows that it's

07/ 07/ 2022
How 'isolation' pods can make offices more social

Key takeaways. 4 ways 'isolation' pods make offices more social, not less.Meeting pods contain noise - so in them, teams can get noisy. Better collaborative results.Small soundproof pods allow peers to have important conversations in private. More constructive discussions follow. And working relatio

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