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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

The Top 10 Sales Pods In 2022 (2)

Views: 110     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-10      Origin: Site


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6. Zenbooth


Zenbooth offers a complete line of sales pods that you can use in the workplace. The Zenbooth Solo comes at a price point of $3,795 and the Zenbooth Duo comes at $7,995. If you want a meeting room, the Zenbooth Quad might be an ideal option. This pod seats up to six people and costs $13,995.

The pod is perfectly soundproof, so you can have private conversations in comfort. You can adjust the height of the pod and it includes ventilation to stay cool inside. In addition, the pod comes with floodlights and is spacious enough to keep you satisfied. But if you aren’t, the choice to return it within 30 days remains.

7. Thinktanks

Slightly different from other workspace sales pod companies, Think Tanks wish to bring open offices back to life. Although the privacy pods are transparent, you can be confident that all your conversations are kept private. With no distractions in the space, your team can be more productive.

These soundproof sales pods let you work in peace and quiet. There is enough space for one to four or more people. The pod is thermostatically ventilated, allowing everyone to work in comfort. The price ranges from $6,495-to $18,995.



Wallenium's Silent Spaces is a range of soundproof acoustic pods. It shows off their "Space 1" sales pod, which is only one of their many products. Their website appeals to a diverse group of people, including designers.

Wallenium’s website showcases modules in different colors and combinations in different environments to achieve the open-plan office look with a closed-door feel. Their sales pods, office phone booths, and meeting pods don’t only work effectively but also look good.

9. Hush Office

hush office

As you would guess from the name, Hush Office offers sales pods that allow you to work without any chances of getting distracted. Their private pods are available for $13,300. Their phone booths tend to have a contemporary feel that your employees are sure to like.

Hush Office’s pods are a great addition to your office because you won't have to wait for them to be installed or deal with the construction. You will be shielded from outside noise, so there’s no chance to get distracted.

10. TalkBox


The TalkBox provides some of the best private sales pods and phone booths with sanitary features that can be extremely helpful for your employees. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, the UVC germicidal lighting included in their booths is the best choice to keep your team safe and healthy.

TalkBox pods always come equipped with USB and standard power charging ports, as well as ventilation and lighting. It has a lot more functionality than traditional workspaces. You can also ensure that it is spacious and well-designed enough to make your team feel at ease.

To enhance your booth experience, there are various add-on options. These include customized graphics wraps, HEPA-air filtration, turnkey solutions, enhanced privacy glass, and laptop or monitor mounts, all of which are available


With so many companies in the market, you are probably having a hard time choosing where to buy sales pods for your office from. To help, we have introduced a list of the top 10 sales pods in 2022 in this article.

We hope the article has helped make it easier for you to reach your final decision. But we do hope that you give our sales pods a look and see if they fit your specific needs. We are confident that we have something that will peak your interest.

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