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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 


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Overwhelmed work seating pods

One of the reasons why employees reduce the number of tasks they complete in open spaces is the feeling of overstimulation or sensory overload. When people, especially introverts, are overwhelmed by too much noise or activity, they become distracted and therefore unproductive. The facts are the facts and the science says that no matter how much we want to think we are multitaskers, we can only really focus on one thing at a time to do it well.

To maximise an individual's working time, they should be given the opportunity to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by the noise of an open plan office space. Here, office cockpits can provide the ambience to reduce distractions (studies have shown that this takes place every three minutes) and increase efficiency.

office design

Meeting in the workspace

When you want to meet established or potential clients and where to conduct final meetings with colleagues, the meeting room is the natural first area to have privacy. While the room is ideal for large groups of just 2 or 3 people, the long conference tables make any meeting seem out of reach. Connecting on a smaller individual scale allows for greater dialogue, focus and collaboration.

Requirement to use office seating areas for privacy

According to several studies, the number one reason people are concerned about the open concept is privacy. This applies not only to traditional office spaces, but also to healthcare organisations and higher education institutions. Whether online or in the office, we are always immersed in "socialising", leaving little time for the individual. Collaboration is a great thing, but sometimes you need to get away from the conversation.

So, privacy can mean different things to different people. It may mean that we need time to unplug from a long meeting, focus on a task, have a private conversation, or just some time to quieten ourselves down without distractions and interruptions. Office seating pods turn one of the biggest complaints about open spaces into the ultimate solution.

Let's face it, there will never be an ideal space where everyone can work in harmony. Custom designed office seating pods for environments with a variety of settings can benefit those who want to engage in open collaboration, those who need to work in teams and those who want to work alone. It's about creating a floor plan that encompasses these needs while maximising the workflow of the people who inhabit it day in and day out.

After all, we spend 30 per cent of our lives at work. Should we have the flexibility to combine collaboration and privacy to allocate our time when needed?

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