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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 


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Meeting pods are an in-house room-in-room solution. They are self-contained units that allow you to easily place a meeting room within your open plan office space. They are enclosed, providing privacy and a space where you can collaborate and communicate without distracting from the wider office.

They are modular and modern, giving you the freedom to play with your available space and find the best configuration for your business. Sometimes referred to as stand-alone office pods, they are scalable, reconfigurable and mobile.

They are often constructed with glass partition walls and can be rectangular, square or even have curved walls. The glass walls allow the meeting rooms to be seen at a glance when in use.

They are fitted with a roof that can be opened when needed to improve air ventilation. Air circulation fans also keep the pods cool during the summer months.

Flexspace pods

Flexspace's design features a unique combination of glass partitions and stylish fabric walls. This makes them look less dull and offers a degree of privacy. The Air Pod range is well ventilated and also offers soundproofing to ensure a sufficient level of linguistic privacy.

They are equipped with TV stands and sockets for all electronic devices. Ideal for video conference calls with employees working remotely and for meetings with clients and stakeholders.

office design

How do I choose office seating for my conference pod?

Sometimes you can purchase a conference pod that includes a table. Choosing a seat is not difficult. Usually, you will want chairs that fit the middle table. Seating can be formal or informal, depending on your brand image and work culture. If you host less formal weekly overview meetings and collaborations, this can also be a good space to add bean bags and stools.

Although the concept of the open space office was designed to promote communication and teamwork, it is increasingly distracting. Being open and accessible to employees has become a source of pressure for some and spontaneous collaboration for others. After several years of employees voicing their concerns, companies are now beginning to take notice. The trend is now to design office chair pods for placement in such open spaces to create private environments where team members can come together to collaborate, or by individuals seeking privacy to get work done.

There are 4 reasons why office chair pods, such as the Bondi Escape, may be the solution to the challenging open floor plan of a dynamic office environment.

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